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Tillman Swinke, SAP UX designer and UX enthusiast, recently co-authored SAP Fiori – UX design for developers with SAP UX expert Anne Kathrine Petterøe from invokers. I sat down with Tillman to talk about his new publication and what we can expect to learn about SAP Fiori app design.

Tillman, you recently published your first E-Bite in collaboration with Anne Kathrine. First things first: what is an E-Bite?

It’s a short e-book publication by SAP PRESS that goes in-depth into a specific aspect of an SAP product. In this case, it explains how to use design elements in SAP Fiori to create an effective user experience in 122 pages.

122 pages? But with already loads of content on SAP Fiori available online, what could possibly draw me in to sit down and read another hundred or so pages?

You’re right, we do already have lots of great resources to support the development and adoption of SAP Fiori, like the SAP Fiori design guidelines, SAP Fiori elements, the SAP Fiori makers community, and much more. But I always had a nagging feeling that something was missing in the conversation. We weren’t catering to developers and other non-designers at a more fundamental level. So with this E-Bite we wanted to invite developers to really dive into the topic of enterprise design from its very roots.

We start with the basic questions: How does enterprise design differ from other types of design? How do these differences (aspects such as integration and complexity) influence the SAP Fiori design system? What are the basic rules of design, and how do these play out in the SAP Fiori? What do I as a developer need to understand about design to provide a good user experience? And what does it mean to bring it all together using the tools and best practices that we provide you in this book and in the existing resources for SAP Fiori?

What’s unique about this E-Bite is that we were able to bring both the design logic and the practical components into the conversation and really paint a picture of what a good UX looks like for SAP applications, and how every developer can achieve this.

Sounds like it’s worth my time. Where can I download it?

Go to the SAP Press website to check out the excerpt and download a copy (available as EPUB, MOBI, PDF or to read online).

Thanks, Tillman!