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In this blog, we will discuss the steps required to host a Fiori application on SAP Cloud application. We will try to host the OVP application which we created as part of this blog series, But the steps remain the same for any other freestyle or Fiori element based Fiori application.

To host a Fiori application, We need a Fiori launch pad (FLP). Following steps are required to host a FLP on SAP cloud platform using portal service:

  1. From your SAP Cloud platform cockpit, navigate to the service "Portal"

  2. Go to the "Site Directory" tab of the portal service and create a new site. In the "Create Site" pop up, give the mandatory name and select "SAP Fiori Launpad" as site template.

Once you have an FLP hosted in your account, you Deploy your application to SAP cloud platform using the below steps from Web IDE:

  1. Right click on project --> Deploy --> Deploy to SAP Cloud platform

  2. Since we are deploying this application for the first time, We should deploy it as a new application

  3. After a successful deployment, we should get following success pop up message

Once we have a FLP hosted and our application deployed in our SAP Cloud platform account, then the application can be registered to the FLP using the below steps:

  1. Right click on project --> Deploy --> Register to SAP Fiori launchpad

  2. Select Account, application name, description and semantic object and action for the application and click Next

  3. In the next step, Select the FLP tile for the application and click Next

  4. Assign the application (Tile) to the catalog group and click finish

  5. On successful registration, we should get the following message

The final FLP should look like


We have successfully hosted an FLP in our SAP cloud platform using postal service. We have deployed a Fiori application to SAP cloud platform. And finally, we registered our Fiori application to the FLP we created.  Although the application used was an overview page application we created as part of this blog series, but the steps explained in this blog remains same to deploy and register any freestyle or Fiori template based Fiori applications.
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