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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

As mentioned in my previous blogs, Custom Widget resource files must be always distributed in two different locations: an SAP Analytics Cloud instance, on which you upload the custom widget JSON file, and an HTTP Web server with HTTPS enabled, on which you upload the resource files (JavaScript, icons...)

In this blog I'm glad to announce the possibility to Host and Upload your Custom Widgets resource files into SAP Analytics Cloud. With this new feature you will be able to host all your Custom Widget files (JSON + JavaScript) within SAC in a very simple and easy way.

Starting from QRC Q2 2023 release, SAC users will be able to host their custom widgets directly on SAP Analytics Cloud without needs of external Web server.

To upload the resource files to SAP Analytics Cloud, you need to:

  • In the JSON file: edit the "url" path by specifying the Web Component file name starting with forward slash

Sample Code:

"webcomponents": [
"kind": "main",
"tag": "com-sap-sample-coloredbox",
"url": "/coloredbox_main.js",
"integrity": "",
"ignoreIntegrity": true
"kind": "styling",
"tag": "com-sap-sample-coloredbox-styling",
"url": "/coloredbox_styling.js",
"integrity": "",
"ignoreIntegrity": true
"kind": "builder",
"tag": "com-sap-sample-coloredbox-builder",
"url": "/coloredbox_builder.js",
"integrity": "",
"ignoreIntegrity": true

  • Compress all your resource files (JavaScript files, icons...) to a ZIP file.

Once the above steps are done, you can upload your Custom Widget on SAP Analytics Cloud. You will be asked first to upload the JSON file and then the ZIP file.

Here a Demo Video where you can find the different steps to upload your Custom Widget into SAP Analytics Cloud

Keep in mind these restrictions if you want to upload the resource files into SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Ensure that you have the Create permission for Custom Widget within your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant.

  • Custom Widget resource files must be zipped and less than 5MB in size

  • The file name extension of the compressed files must be .zip

  • The ZIP file supports ONLY the following resource files: The main JavaScript Web Component, The Styling Panel JavaScript Web Component, The Builder Panel JavaScript Web Component and icons

  • CSS and HTML files are not supported

  • File types for icons must be *.jpg or *.png

  • Subfolders in the ZIP file are not supported

  • Maximum 25 Custom Widgets with resources are allowed to be hosted per tenant

Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts in the comment area below.

See you soon for new blogs !