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Multiple scientific studies find that a large percentage of New Year’s resolutions don’t last until February. Maybe a successful resolution requires a high-level of support and commitment such as what you get with SAP Customer Connection. Also, maybe I wasn’t the only one who lost the jogging/snooze-alarm battle this week.

Improvement methods proven to produce results

Unlike journeying into unfamiliar territory that can come with this year’s resolutions, we have no doubts SAP Customer Connection's method produces great results. In 2018, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 customers submitted improvement requests that put our developers to work and ended up packaged in our SPS 08 release. (For more on that, see my SPS 08 = GR8 blog!) 2018’s successful cycle of ideas-to-deliverables signal that your improvement ideas for 2019 shape the continuous evolution of SAP Solution Manager to be the best fit for your business needs.

Getting started is now the easiest part

Experts say there’s no better time to start resolutions than exactly right now. This is also true for SAP Customer Connection participation. Paths to getting healthy, finding love, or making more money may be numerous and challenging, but your entry into SAP Customer Connection couldn’t be easier. Just choose the links for the following SAP Solution Manager topics:

At my last count, there are already over 60 total improvement requests from customers since the 2019 collection phase opened earlier this month. Be sure to vote for your favorite ideas and submit your own ideas until the closing date of March 8th.

Getting focused and specific with your improvement ideas

I’ve read that any effective improvement strategy involves setting attainable goals. For 2019, it helps to know which areas are in-scope for SAP Solution Manager development projects. This doesn’t mean that the areas on the out-of-scope lists will never see new features. Rather, the in-scope lists provide a range of current development priorities. Here’s a graphic to explain it all:

Getting proactive and eliminating excuses

Finally, I learned from my research that the feeling of not knowing how to accomplish a goal can be the biggest obstacle, even before you really get started. Here are a few collaboration tips to help you grow confident in your SAP Customer Connection contributions:

  • See examples of how peers present solutions and the logic behind them, when you research submitted ideas.

  • Take advantage of speaker’s corner sessions to ask questions and to help shape ideas prior to development.

  • Track vote counts to learn what ideas other community members value for their own needs.

  • Brainstorm a solution for an issue previously unaddressed.

With all this in mind, I’m positive you’ll soon be up and running with your own improvement ideas. SAP Customer Connection offers a continuous feedback loop on the status of improvement requests. Collaboration at all stages ensures we can expect more great SAP Solution Manager development results for 2019!