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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
It may not be obvious to you reading the SAP HANA SQL Reference Guide that the topics weren't written by the actual engineers that coded the features you are reading about.

OK, OK, Who am I kidding. it's painfully obvious 🙂  What gave it away?

Was it that we extremely rare times that we gloss over points you were desperately hoping we'd hdelve into?

Create a table with associations to another table



Or..the even more rare case where we obviously must have copy/pasted the 'helpful explanation' we got from the brilliant mind who coded the feature because we ran out of time?

<perf_bin_clause> - Executing this clause can impact KPI indicators that in turn impact priorities for tokens waiting on the parser queue. AFAIK, this option errors out in remote connection scenarios when/if users doesn't have admin privs.


Then, I suppose there are also the more common times when our examples aren't baaaad, they are just a little too simplistic to be realistic.

Create a table to store all your employee data



Sorry about these cases. We mean well. We always mean well.

But, we do know that there are still a lot of cases of this in this guide, and between all the other priority additions we work on, we DO try to improve examples when we can.

Want to help us write the SQL?


(Yah, I know. That play on words doesn't really work if you pronounce it ess-queue-el .. but who does??!!  *intentional bait*)

If you like writing valuable content that readers will love and for which you will receive almost zero recognition, royalty, or reward other than knowing you did a GOOD thing, the RIGHT thing, helping out humanity or application developers everywhere (nothing implied by separating those two groups out), here's your opportunity!

Use the Thumbs Up icon () on the topic (Don't worry - despite the icon being a thumbs-up, by clicking on it it doesn't infer that you LIKED the topic) and navigate through to the point where you can leave us a comment and add a SQL example that:

  • Provides a more realistic example illustrating some clause

  • Is less than 10 lines long (and to be safe, less than 80 characters wide)

  • Contains no real server/port or personal data 

  • Is, you know, appropriate.

I see these Thumbs Up feedback items.. they come to me as emails.

If our team can put your example into production, we will!

We may modify it slightly, though (frankly, editors cannot resist doing this anyway).

If it makes the cut (no promises), you'll be able to show people at parties all the cool SQL example improvements you contributed to.  You'll gain fame for writing novel SQL (kind of like a sequel to a novel), and you'll sleep better knowing you helped the (Tiny)world!

Hope to see your novel SQL!

SAP HANA SQL Reference Guide