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One of the things I love about my job is that I get to meet new people all the time, sometimes even within my own company!   (With approximately 50k employees, I have a lot more to meet :smile: )  I also love the fact that I learn something new every day.

This past week, I heard about the ISUG-Tech Conference, which is being held in Atlanta, Georgia April 14-17.    What is the ISUG-Tech conference you ask? It's a conference with over 150 hours of technical sessions covering a plethora of SAP database, mobile and application products, and SAP HANA.

Since Sybase has joined SAP, we have added another team of experts to SAP Product Support.  These experts not only resolve incidents, they also have a drive to share their knowledge with others.  Knowledge is shared through forums, blogs, whitepapers, webinars, and conferences.  The ISUG-Tech conference is no different.

paul.vero is presenting 3 separate times at the ISUG-Tech conference.  He has been with SAP for 18 years, and specializes in SAP ASE Connectivity, primarily with Windows drivers (ODBC and ADO.NET, jConnect, Open Client and DirectConnect gateways).  He is currently a Support Architect and is an active author for the ISUG-TECH Journal providing monthly articles on a wide range of subjects.

The focus of Paul's presentations are on the SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) Connectivity products: ASE ODBC Driver and ASE ADO.NET Data Provider.  If you aren't familiar with these products (which I was not until Paul shared this with me :smile: ), they enable customers who are custom application developers in the windows realm to access data on the ASE through various means – stand-alone applications, web apps and services (Windows IIS) and “canned” applications.

If this is your focus area, then you will not want to miss Paul's presentations.

  • Best Practices using SAP ASE Windows Drivers - (2 Hour Lecture)

In this session we will cover best practices in using SAP ASE Windows Drivers (ODBC and ADO.NET) in regards to various application, ranging from small
customer applications to enterprise level. The session will break out via SAP ASE ODBC Driver and ADO.NET Provider. We will cover certain connection
properties relevant to performance and optimizations and how to tune the drivers to achieve best results. Focus is centered on the use of new SAP ASE
functionality implemented for use with SAP Business Suite in terms of custom application development as well as use of Windows packaged services such as IIS
and SSIS, as examples. These areas will be covered at low level in custom code to high level.

  • Building an ODBC Utility Library with SAP ASE ODBC Driver - (Half-Day Workshop)

The workshop will demonstrate how to build a Windows DLL using Windows Visual Studio (versions can be 2008, 2010, 2012) to be used for testing applications and learning ODBC API concepts. It's a hands on session where the library will be built, covering nuances of Visual Studio and some of my techniques I use to
build such a DLL/Library. The second part will be dealing with creating an application and how to use it with our newly created library.

  • Use of SAP ASE ADO.NET BulkLoad capabilities - (1 Hour Lecture)

The SAP ASE ADO.NET Data Provider is capable of using bulk library-like capabilities to load data into the SAP ASE. This is achieved via the use of customer applications as well as the Microsoft SQL Server SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services). The lecture will cover the various levels of bulk loading, similar in effect to the bcp utility in Open Client. This capability will provide a means to effectively transfer large amounts of data from one database to another. SAP ASE is the target and source is typically SAP ASE or other databases in the case of mixed shops

Another one of our SAP Product Support engineers is also presenting at ISUG-Tech.  annette.kirkpatrick is presenting a session on April 15th titled Troubleshooting SAP Replication Server Environments.  This session will assist SAP Replication Server administrators in diagnosing problems in their replication environments. The session will begin with a quick overview of the various moving parts of a replication system, and then provide guidance on the tools and inquiries available to pinpoint problems and resolve them.

Presentation times are available now, so make sure to check out the conference website for updates.

If you are heading to Atlanta for ISUG-Tech, and you are interested in ASE Connectivity, make sure you check out these sessions and give Paul and Annette a big thanks for helping share their knowledge.

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