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The blog has been written as an extension of hdbsynonym usage in sap hana cloud as compared to sap hana XSA 2.0 environment. Implementation of the synonym config files and hdbsynonym differs slightly in sap hana cloud environment.

For cross container access, if it is a hdi container in a different space or any schema within the same database where data is being replicated from an on premise S4hana system/oracleDB/any data source. The following steps needs to be implemented:

  • Each cross container service binded to your sap mta application should be bounded to one schema. For ex: if you are getting data from big query and s4hana onprem, you should create 2 separate UPS services and adding the schema name in each service:


"driver": "",

"endpoint": "",

"host": "<hostid of the hana cloud instance>",

"password": "<>",

"port": "443",

"tags": [



"schema":  "<schemaname>"

"user": "GRANTOR_SERVICE" (the user in the database with access to the particular schema)


  • After you have added the schema name in the ups service, the hdbsynonym and hdbsynonymconfig file should follow the below format

Hdbsynonym file:




Hdbsynonymconfig file:



"target": {

"object": "PT_S4_VBAK",

"schema.configure": "ServiceName_1/schema"



ServiceName_1 is the logical service name in your mta yaml file.In hana XSA “*.configure” worked as a property but in sap hana cloud it doesn’t compile.
For more details on creating hdbsynonym and hdbsynonymconfig follow the below documentation: