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Smart Data Streaming, a powerful real-time stream analytics capability of SAP HANA, is now available in HCP.  This service gives you the ability to analyze and act on streams of incoming events.  Use it in conjunction with HCP IoT Services to analyze incoming device data, turning raw messages into useful information.

Key features of HCP smart data streaming:

  • Allows application developers to quickly and easily define streaming projects that transform raw input streams into useful information
  • Design times tools in the SAP HANA Studio
  • High performance:  process thousands or hundreds of thousands of messages per second with typical latency of 1-5 milliseconds

Common use cases:

  • Analyze incoming data in real-time. Watch for trends, patterns or other conditions - generate alerts or initiate an immediate response
  • Compare incoming data to expected data and historical data
  • Filter, sample or aggregate incoming data to reduce the amount of data being stored in the HANA database
  • Transform or enrich incoming such that it conforms withe desired data model

Beyond IoT,  smart data streaming can be used to process and analyze streams of messages from virtually any source.  A range of interfaces and adapters are available.

To get started using Smart Data Streaming in HCP:

  1. Contact your SAP team to get smart data streaming added to your HCP account. Note that smart data streaming is a service of the SAP HANA platform, so having a suitable HANA instance in your account is a pre-requisite
  2. Once your account team have added the smart data streaming subscription to your HCP account, follow the instructions in the Smart Data Streaming documentation for adding smart data streaming to your HANA system, adding the design time tools to HANA Studio (or Eclipse with HANA plugin), and setting up user permissions.
  3. Build your first smart data streaming project.  Check out the smart data streaming tutorials in the SAP HANA Academy to get started.
  4. To configure HCP IoT Services to stream incoming data to Smart Data Streaming,  refer to the section on the SDS Processing Service in the IoT Services documentation

For more information on smart data streaming, see the Smart Data Streaming Developer Center, where you'll find other tutorials, how-to articles, and a discussion forum.

And feel free to reach out to me directly if you have questions.