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Every Generation dreams about new technology revolution to change their life drastically and companies that incubate the innovation culture comes out with flying colors. There is saying that ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’ now it can also be said as ‘Dream is the mother to incubate Innovation’.  Human race wants to know and command everything (Mobility) from anywhere (Cloud Solutions) and predict anything that can happen in future.

Let’s have a quick look about the ground-breaking technology inventions and its cascading impact to Humans. The invention of Printing Press in 1400 resulted to spread of knowledge and seeded for cascading impact through decades.

The similar situation rose during the inventions of World Wide Web. However, the exposure to too many new ideas/information resulted into mass confusion. This information is exponentially growing up than our understanding and we have not concluded how to analyze and process the huge pile of information.

Hence, the need to handle and analyze Big Data has emerged inside the innovative incubation labs over the past few years and they have come up with Big Solution, Big Query and In-Memory Management.

Let’s talk about Predictions – Humans wants to predict and still the area is not mastered and going forward baby steps (Predictions of catastrophic events, Weather Predictions, Prediction of Economic Crisis such as 2008 are still failing).  On one side we are still researching the human’s prediction ability, Brain Science Institute of Japan uncovered how human brain signal in prefrontal context involved how human predict the decisions of other people. (Tip: If you want to experience your prediction skills you can drive your bike in Bangalore Roads in Peak Traffic)   Invariably, the dream of predicting anything with Big Data has been incubated in Labs with technical solution such as Hana with predictive Algorithms and Lumira.  

In Nutshell, if you have not yet started your journey with any of the Edge Technologies, This is time for you to connect and master this!