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Have you ever wanted to build your own Artificial Intelligence (AI)? SAP is working to make computer science and AI accessible to students (and teachers) of all ages and backgrounds.


The SAP University Alliances Team has been actively working on translating AI educational resources created by Wissensfabrik and IT2School, in collaboration with the Free University of Berlin, University of Oldenburg and OFFIS e.V.


Wissensfabrik is an organization made up of organizations with the shared goal to make technical knowledge accessible to students. IT2School is one of the projects the Wissensfabrik has created to introduce students to computer science (CS) and technology. The project has produced a variety of free CS curricula.


This program is unique in that it gives students hands-on experience building their own projects (i.e. program, game, algorithm, AI, machine learning model, etc.) through a series of guided activities and discussions. Plus – teachers don’t need a technical background to take advantage of this program.


IT2School has created curriculum for ages five to eighteen, making the material and the concepts accessible at any age. The material advances conceptually and in difficulty which each grade level allowing students to build a formative education in CS.


While Math, Reading Comprehension, History, etc. are all taught in schools, CS is typically not in the classroom. If it is taught, CS is certainly not given the same topical priority as Math, Reading Comprehension, etc. Through IT2School, students are given the opportunity to learn CS in an accessible, creative, and exciting way.


We wanted to make these modules accessible to more people, so we, at SAP, have been actively translating each of the AI modules from German to English using the Document Translation service for SAP Translation Hub. As of today, we currently have finished translating four modules, which you can access here (SAP Young Thinkers | SAP Community).


In the module, “Beat the Robot”, students are tasked with creating a game with both a human player and a computer player. Students then need to develop rules and logic for the computer player, so it can successfully play the game.

"Beat the Robot" game depiction. Photo from IT2School Module AI-B3 "Beat the Robot"


Once students have developed their game and their computer player, they can now create a better and more sophisticated computer player using machine learning (ML). Since there are only a finite number of positions that can be played, the students then analyze the positions and find the optimal positions for winning. These optimal positions can be fed to a ML model to create a great computer player!


"Banana Hunt" game


In a separate module titled, “Banana Hunt”, the topics become more advanced. Students are tasked with created their own ML models and algorithms in Snap!, the visual, educational programming language that makes learning to code easy, fun, and accessible. SAP is also a partner of Snap! as it is a powerful language to teach programming all over the world in any language.


"Pong" game


This module is setup using games as well. A computer is used to play these separate games; however, the computer isn’t very good. One of the ways, it can improve its performance is through machine learning, where the computer will learn from both its good and bad moves to make better moves in the future. The longer the computer plays using the ML algorithm, the better it becomes. After completing this module, students will have programmed unbeatable computer players!


In summary, we highly recommend using the curriculum offered by IT2School. Whether you are a teacher, a student, or a computer science enthusiast, you will certainly enjoy working through these activities!


Check out IT2School modules here!