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I have a very special date in my calendar this year. It's a bit like the pilot episode of a new TV series ended with a cliffhanger –– and now the show continues. In June, SAP Mobile Day 2023 in Berlin is going to pick up the threads we started weaving last year.

Our first Mobile Day took place in October 2022. During the preparation phase in my team, which was quite intensive, we weren’t even sure whether it might remain a one-off event. Then we met with 40 SAP customers and partners in Munich. We had an excellent exchange on how mobile apps and technologies enable us to face today’s challenges, for example in supply chain or enterprise mobility scenarios. We shared best practices. We had conversations between technology experts, subject matter experts, decision makers.

All of this was found to be so inspiring and valuable by our guests and us, the feedback was so positive, that we instantly agreed: We need this format to continue.

Now, with SAP Mobile Day 2023, we want to give you, our customers and partners, an even richer opportunity for connecting on what’s relevant this year and beyond. SAP Mobile Day is about learning from each other. It’s about demo-ing and finding the right mobile approaches in turbulent times –– together.

Of course, we are looking very much forward to showing you what we at SAP have developed since last time, and how we developed our strategy. There are new apps and new releases: SAP Mobile Start, SAP Ariba Shopping, SAP Direct Distribution, SAP Service and Asset Manager. SAP SuccessFactors and others have gotten new versions for iOS and Android. We have continued to invest in innovative technologies with apps such as the SAP Product Model Viewer that lets you work with three-dimensional work instructions in augmented reality.

In many industries and many scenarios, customers use SAP as the preferred solution because no one can match the expertise, the business process know-how and the wealth of data insights that SAP offers. This is the unique starting point for developing mobile business applications that help every employee, every decision maker, every business and frontline worker get the job done easier and faster.

One example: With 9 out of 10 warehouses around the world running SAP, and over 90% of those transactions being done on mobile devices, the SAP Warehouse Operator app will most certainly play a crucial role for companies and their employees in the transition to next-generation digital business processes run by SAP cloud software. It not just improves and accelerates processes. Its distinctive native qualities are what makes it so important in world affected by generational shifts, frequent changes in personnel, and new working conditions.

From starting into SAP workflows with SAP Mobile Start to matrix scans, from processing HR activities with SAP SuccessFactors to a spend management that involves AR and AI features: We build apps with real-world processes in mind, because we at SAP work closely with an unparalleled customer base to analyze and improve these processes. At the same time, each app on its own works as the connecting piece that enables non-stop business continuity. Across devices, workplaces, business units, and production lines. Making for example the product cycle from design to operate more resilient and sustainable, with high-quality outcomes even under disrupted and the most diverse conditions.

So even if single SAP users might never use all of our SAP and partner apps on their devices, which is most likely, we have established the strategy and the package to make each of those hundreds of millions of people worldwide start quickly and be successful. We are working across all SAP product areas on ONE aligned approach that includes:

  • out-of-the-box apps for high-volume use cases,

  • the technologies for in-house and partner development,

  • as well as the knowledge and the tools for complete digital process transformation.

As you can see, I am convinced that there is much to show and much that we should exchange about. Because all this only works together with you, our customers and partners.

That is why I am inviting you: Use the day to discuss with us and explore new possibilities with the help of best practices and examples from other customers, partners, and from SAP.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you at the SAP Mobile Day 2023 in Berlin!


Summary – Why join SAP Mobile Day 2023 in Berlin?

  • Explore mobile offerings that make core business processes (digital supply chain, workforce management, spend management) more effective, resilient, and sustainable

  • Hear how other companies apply mobile strategies and adopt mobile solutions

  • Experience SAP and its partners’ latest mobile offerings in an interactive way

  • Exchange with other mobile experts

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