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While also an opportunity to see an end-to-end use case live in SAP Lumira, the SAP Lumira Virtual Class webinar series is the home of your chance to become a true Data "Viz"ard through completion of an extra-curricular data visualization assignment.

Hands-on experience with SAP Lumira!

The SAP Lumira Virtual Class Homework Assignment is a monthly challenge for participants of the SAP Lumira Virtual Class webinars. The assignment provides an opportunity to leverage the knowledge shared in Virtual Class #1 and apply it in SAP Lumira. The process is easy:

Create your own visualizations.
Assemble them into an insightful data story.
Send us the final storyboard!

Upon submission, you will be entered in the competition. The winning submission and its author will be announced in the proceeding Virtual Class #2!

And a prize too?

All submissions of the SAP Lumira Virtual Class Homework Assignment will be judged based on a set criteria. The winning submission will receive the title of Data Story of the Week, be featured in Virtual Class #2, and receive some SAP Lumira tokens along with the certificate below signed by the Vice President of SAP Analytics!

Register to get started!

Want to participate? Register for the SAP Lumira Virtual Class #1 where your host Colin Krackowsky will provide the assignment and a sample dataset to give you hands-on experience with SAP Lumira and the opportunity to be entered to win Data Story of the Week.

Brought to you by Product Management in the SAP Analytics Group.