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Update April 2018

In the meantime, the topic how to handle UI5 Mimes in ABAP systems was discussed intensively with the consuming SAP products like S/4HANA and the performance experts inside SAP. We also looked into the feedback we got from customers and the community.

As a result, we will continue to deliver UI5 via the ABAP Mime repository as part of the Frontend Server 5.0 / SAP_UI 7.53 into onPremise systems, ABAP onPremise systems should thus not be changed to consume SAPUI5 via SAP CP as this approach will not be supported in the future.

Instead we will enable a customer specific CDN solution which offers also significant benefits for classic UI technologies like Web GUI and Web Dynpro, additional information will be communicated soon as part of the product documentation of the delivery of SAP_UI NW 7.53.


As there were many tweets regarding my UI5con announcement to remove SAPUI5 from the ABAP Mime repository in 2018, I’d like to clarify the proposal in more detail. Let me start with the reasons why we think the proposal is better for at least 90% of the current UI5 customers:


Good reasons to remove UI5 Mimes from the standard SAP_UI delivery

  • The UI5 sources are served via the Akamai network that provides 260 000+ access points all over the world. Hence the performance will be better for people not sitting close to the frontend server (FES). For the people sitting close, they will not notice anything as the delta is neglectable

  • The installation of SAP_UI SPs will be much faster

  • The installation time of UI5 notes will be much shorter

  • The ABAP transports in the customer landscape will be faster

  • The system downtimes will be reduced for planned maintenance steps

  • UI5 via Akamai CDN has a 100% availability over the last 8 months and is expected to remain that good. As a result customers will get high availability at lower costs

  • The UI5 patch production will be accelerated as the mime repository upload is the most time-consuming part

  • Reduced data base consumption

The list is even longer, but these are the main arguments.


How will the recommended solution look like

After describing why this solution is superior for most customers, I'd like to share some more details how the solution is going to be realized:

  • There will be a configuration in the ABAP system that points to UI5 including the concrete patch level (e.g. )

  • The configuration is used for standalone UI5 apps as well as the Fiori Launchpad (FLP)

  • The configuration can be changed only via applying a note so that the consistency with the FLP ABAP parts is guaranteed (the current FLP approach is subject to be aligned with that)

Variant of the recommended solution

  • We currently consider to allow the modification of the configuration so that the URL can also point to any server in the customers network.
    Advantage of the modification approach: in case a patch or SP is applied, the SPAU will make the admins aware of the modification and the need to potentially adapt the UI5 version on his server


SAP will offer an option to restore the current approach

  • For customers that do not have any open internet connection or do not want to use the approach described in the previous chapter, SAP will provide an ABAP compatibility patch that installs the Mimes and brings the system back into the current state

  • The small drawback is that this patch must be manually applied after each release or SP upgrade containing a new UI5 version.
    For a UI5 patch though, it is just the same process as today


Planned timelines:

  • Mime removal for S/4 HANA Cloud planned for end of 1711 release

  • Option to configure Akamai for stand-alone UI5 apps (still with UI5 Mimes in ABAP) with SAP_UI 7.52 SP1

  • Removal of UI5 Mimes with SAP_UI 7.53 SP0 (in parallel the compatibility patch will be provided)


I hope this post contributes to a better understanding of the announcement made at UI5con. Please provide us your feedback and we're obviously open for improvement proposals.

Best regards