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While installing HANA cockpit 2.0 , i observed my installation was failing because of space issue.

As a HANA expert you might have noticed sometimes installation is failing in perquisite phase as space is less than expected. something like this :

I tried searching for solution on SCN and did not find any blog/solution so writing a blog on it.

There can XSA related issues which can cause HANA Cockpit installation to be failed. For Checking out XSA issue , you can refer the below link:


As it is clearly visible it is space issue in root directory. Straight away solution is to increase the space in root directory. However you should not increase space in root directory specially in VM or Cloud ,  you have mount points as per standard defined in HANA directory structure. Moreover your installation might be successful but due to increasing logs and data , root directory will be out of space and you wont be even login to VM.

Main reason of cockpit installation being failed was the directory structure picked by installer was not as per standard HANA directory structure which we have followed to create mount points.


If the installer does not find the mount points, it attempts to install in root directory.


Solution specific to HANA 2.0 cockpit SP 7 and earlier:

in the binaries downloaded from Service market place for cockpit, auto_install.cfg file contains silent installation system properties. It can be found in similar structure given below:


Open vi editor: vi auto_install.cfg

Here you will find :

you can change it to : I <for insert>

save the file in VI editor <esc>qw!.


Re-run the installation. Now the installation will proceed in mount points in standard HANA directory as shown below:


Generic solution: 

/hdblcm installer for Standard HANA DB gives you option to choose directory structure for data and log files and should not cause installer to install in root directory.

In case still it goes to root directory. Please check the mount points. some of the mount points provided in installer is actually not mounted in your VM or Cloud.


Hope you never run in such issue again.