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New technologies bring new data sources, data types, and business possibilities. Smart appliances, smart homes, smart speakers, social media, mobile devices, and edge applications are creating new opportunities that more and more business leaders want to use to gain a competitive edge.

The challenges are daunting for many businesses that seek to analyze and make sense of the huge volumes of data being generated in the digital era. Data created by products, customers, assets, operations, and transactions has huge value – especially for those organizations that are able to extract business insights from patterns and combine those insights with geographic locations.

Businesses need more than a traditional approach to analytics to stay competitive. They need live, real-time, persistent monitoring of what’s happening and “where” it is happening to get an accurate view of their complex value chain and the connected business relationships.

These businesses are looking to their independent software vendors (ISVs) to help deliver the applications they need. The spatial and graph option for SAP HANA® can open new opportunities for ISVs looking to gain a competitive edge by making their applications spatially aware and enabling more options for analyzing and presenting information.

As an ISV in a disruptive technology market, you have a lot on your plate – delivering innovation, adapting to change, and identifying and building new revenue streams, all while delivering on customer expectations. An alliance with SAP can accelerate your innovation journey, reduce the risks of going it alone, and help you succeed in your market.

When you partner with SAP, you gain access to our proven enterprise-class technology and one of the world’s largest business ecosystems – with exposure to over 400,000 SAP customers handling 70% of today’s business transactions and generating US$1 trillion in worldwide business volume. Together, we can innovate and leverage spatial and graphical intelligent technology – developing, productizing, and delivering real-time, game-changing insights for all our customers.

Everyone knows the adage, “Location, location, location.” While the collection of location information such as addresses, zip codes, and geographic coordinates is common, gaining real value from it has remained elusive.

Decision-making that factors in location data is not new; it has been influencing decisions on buying habits, goods and services boundaries, sales region allocations, delivery routes, and much more for years. But manual human “guestimates” cannot answer the complex questions about the relationship between locations and other business-related data with the accuracy and speed required in this digital age.

The spatial and graph option for SAP HANA supports spatial analysis capabilities that will help you deliver location-aware applications that take the guesswork out of your customers’ business decisions and uncover hidden revenue opportunities within their customer base. Any business process that requires analysis from multiple sources, such as Earth observation images, weather information, and business data, can take advantage of the spatial and graph option.

Whether the requirement is identifying risk of natural disasters caused by weather patterns, predicting crop yields, or managing a supply chain, businesses are finding more reasons to bring together business data and spatial information.

Any software solution that supports spatial analysis requires multiple capabilities, including access to relevant, high-quality, georeferenced data (such as images or weather data), access to processing services and algorithms to extract valuable information from imagery, easy-to-consume APIs and user interfaces, and an efficient way to infuse business data, which may reside in local, on-premise systems.

Leverage SAP’s partnerships with leading geographic information system (GIS) providers including Esri (which supports SAP HANA as a certified enterprise geodatabase), HERE, and TomTom International – that easily interoperate with SAP HANA. Combine these GIS system capabilities with other analytics functions in SAP HANA in a unified modelling environment to add advanced insights to explore previously untapped analytical domains and exponentially multiply value to your customers.


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