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This is part of the HANA Data Strategy series of BLOGS


Business Value

  • Immediate access to all the enterprise data,

  • Simple, easy and efficient harmonization of all enterprise data,

  • Secure and governed access to data,

  • Significant lower time to deliver new advanced insights to the business, and

  • Lower total cost of ownership of the entire solution.


Smart Data Access Overview

Link to Smart Data Overview presentation


Smart Data Access Demo


Link to Smart Data Access demo


Best practices for creating calculation views using remote tables in multiple database servers

This presentation and demo will cover the following topics:

  • Discussion and demo of running calculation views using virtual tables from multiple remote servers,

  • Best practices for creating calculation views with star joins that will push down processing across all remote tables from a specific source,

  • Demo how to build a UNION of calculation views built on remote tables using trusted techniques, and

  • Discuss the issues of joining remote tables and techniques to make it work.

This is part of another BLOG:

SAP HANA Data Strategy: HANA Data Modeling a Detailed Overview


Recorded presentation and demo:



These presentations and demonstrations show how the HANA platform can give you immediate access to all your enterprise data and the ability to simply, easily and efficiently harmonize all enterprise data.  Being a digital business platform the access to the data is secure and governed.  This will significant lower time to deliver new advanced insights to the business and lower total cost of ownership of the entire solution.

After watching these presentations and demos customers should be able to setup Smart Data Access to remote data and applications including:

  • Creating remote server,

  • Creating virtual tables,

  • Harmonize remote and local data with HANA calculation views,

  • Using calculation views to visualize data,

  • Monitoring SDA activity with HANA Cockpit,

  • Secure access to remote servers and tables, and

  • Govern access using standard HANA analytic privileges.

Customers should also understand some of the challenges of working with distributed data and understand the basic techniques for resolving them including:

  • Creating efficient and effective calculation views using virtual tables,

  • Generating statistics on remote tables to help the optimizer make correct decisions, and

  • How to monitor Smart Data Access to recognize and resolve performance issues.


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