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We have concluded our first SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) Technical Academy hosted for partners on April 6th and 7th at SAP Labs, Bangalore, India. There were about 20 participants of 6 partners who were keen to learn about HCP. SAP HANA Cloud Platform Team who shared their knowledge and enabled partners were jatin.sindhi, lalit.sharma5, shalini.agrawal, , paramita.biswas and piyush.gakhar

Day 1

Kicked off with an introduction of the participants and a quick walkthrough of the agenda. This was followed by discussions on different SAP cloud offerings and where HANA Cloud Platform fits. Participants showed lot of interest and were keen to know more about HCP and how they can leverage HCP services to quickly develop applications on cloud for their customers.

We then started with an introduction of HANA Cloud Platform and deep dive on various HCP services which can be leveraged for building a true enterprise grade application. This was followed by set-up of trial account and hands-on exercises using SAP Web IDE to create Fiori applications.

We then broke out for lunch which also provided a perfect time to network and interact with each other. It was encouraging to know about so many customer use cases and innovations participants are engaged in.

After lunch, we started afternoon session with an overview of HCI and introduction to cloud extensions on HCP and a hands-on exercise on SuccessFactor extension on HCP. At the end of Day 1, participants were still energetic and keen to come early on Day 2 to gain more knowledge and try out more hands-on exercises.

We concluded our day 1 with some pre-work that they have to do for day 2’s hands-on exercises.

Day 2

Most of the participants arrived early and day started with an overview of HCP mobile services followed by set-up of Hybrid Application Toolkit (HAT) and hands-on exercise on building mobile application using HCPms. Participants were able to finish exercise early (because of the pre-work activities shared) so we leveraged the extra time by showcasing some of the cutting edge IoT and API demos built using HCP services.

Live customer use cases were discussed of how customers are leveraging HCP as an Innovation Platform. We then discussed the roadmap of HCP including introduction of cloud foundry and business services.

All good things however come to an end and the workshop was concluded with an interesting 3 hour session with each partner team given a slot of 30 minutes for discussing their customer use cases where HCP can be leveraged and several innovative applications which can be built on HCP that will help customers run business simple and better.

A big thank to all the participants for taking out time and special thanks to all who flew down from different corners of the country to participate in this 2 day workshop.