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This is not going to be a technical article, and its usefulness is highly debatable. This is just to infuse some fun into our daily lives...

I stumbled upon this web site which creates poetry out of the feeds of a given Twitter account. So I thought, why not try what it comes up with for some popular HCP-related accounts?

Let's make this a game! Can you guess which Twitter account the poem is from? The solution is upside down at the bottom of this post.

Let's start with a sonnet:

Release notes
by (1)

Are You? Download this report
Vulnerability! More details here:
Usage including SLAs and support!
Forward to meet some of you there

SAP HANA Cloud Integration
At your service! :wink:
Official launch of the foundation
Using as their platform of choice:

- keep rockin' the stage!
With the recent announcements
(see the warning on the page)

More details in the dev center?
Business travelers' lives:
Update in 's blog on the DevCenter

Now for a rondel:

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And an indriso:

You there
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Be mentioned alongside the others!
Mr. tutorial (aka Jens Glander):
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Via email to dedicated email...

Offene Industrie-Cloud-Plattform

Let's go for another one:

This area
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Good scenario with integration
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Cloud or local data center option?

So, were you able to guess the Twitter account? Here's the resolution (you might have to do a headstand for this... :razz: )

ɥɔsɹᴉɥɹ@ ɥɔsɹᴉH ʞɔᴉp (ㄣ

ʇʇɐɯɹǝuᴉǝʇs@ ɹǝuᴉǝʇS sɐᴉɥʇʇɐW (Ɛ

ɐɹᴉǝnƃouᴉnɹ@ ɐɹᴉǝnƃoN ᴉnɹ (ᄅ

dɔɥdɐs@ ɯɹoɟʇɐlԀ pnolƆ ∀N∀H (Ɩ