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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hack2Build, ‘Beyond a Hackathon’ is an initiative which brings together the creativity and speed of prototyping by the partners in just 5-10 days. Partners validate their ideas with SAP during the ‘Hackathon phase’ and are encouraged to move from prototyping to the ‘build phase’, to develop their market-ready solution.


The SAP Co-Innovation Lab, North America hosted a Hack2Build focusing on SAP Build in collaboration with the Product Management from SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Workzone, SAP Build Process Automation, and the BTP Solution Architects teams during Feb. 20 - 24, 2023.

This event received more than 20 use cases submitted from SAP partner teams. After carefully reviewing the use case, 15 use cases were verified and accepted, and finally 13 use cases representing 13 SAP Partner teams were presented in the Demo Jam.

SAP Partner Teams attended the Hack2Build



On Feb. 13, SAP Co-Innovation Lab, North America invited all participants to join the pre-session to introduce the Hack2Build program, walk through the agenda, align the selection criteria, setup the expectation during the Hack2Build week and after the Hack2Build.

Hackathon Week:

The event kickstarted with inspiring keynote sessions:

  • Luciano RavennaGlobal Vice President, Head of Partner Solution Adoption; opened the keynotes with a warm welcome and an inspiring message for the partners.

  • Eric Solberg: Product manager from SAP Build Apps talked about the feature and the latest news of SAP Build Apps

  • Iris Sasson: Product manager from SAP Build Workzone, presented how to create a digital workplace using SAP Build Work Zone and improve the users’ productivity

  • Max McPhee: Product manager from SAP Build Process Automation, presented how can SAP Build Process Automation be leveraged to streamline operations and provide increased visibility into your operations using Low Code No Code development

  • Louenas Hamdi from the SAP Solution Center introduced the options (SAP Store, QPPS, VPUS) for partners to go to market with SAP BTP

In the next 4 days, partners developed their solution prototypes with the technical support from the SAP experts team.  SAP team interacted many questions in different areas with the partner teams. Thanks for all the support from SAP Build product management team and the BTP solution architect team.


Demo Jam

Deciding on the winners was a tough decision for the judges.  Given the number of the participants, we have to split the demo jam into two demo jams.


Demo Jam 1

Two partner companies eventually emerged as a winner, and a 1st runner-up.

Winner:   Wipro - Intelligent RFP Analysis Solution

iRAS(Intelligent RFP Analysis Solution)  automates the RFP  ( AMS , Greenfield , Digital, Brownfield) from receiving , finalization and submission. It calculates the estimation value , RLS finalization, splitting the teams – on-Site / offshore , comparison with industry specific benchmarking data to finalize the cost , resource utilization and helps formation of project plan. It is developed completely on BTP Cloud foundry environment. Primarily, we have used iRPA, Workflow, AppGyver, Work zone, CAI, CAPM, SAC and DMS.

1st runner-up:   TCS -  Aloha

TCS Aloha is a multi-dimensional employee wellness solution. On the one hand, it fosters engagement and addresses employees' mental health and well-being, while on the other, it provides decision makers with a bird's-eye view in identifying macro-level parameters. The application acts as a bridge between an organisation's point-on-solutions and employees, providing tailor-made recommendations leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI-based emotion detection and ChatGPT. TCS Aloha would help generate holistic value all across, right from improving the organisation's mental wellbeing index to enhancing workforce productivity.

Thanks our demo jam 1 judges:

Panel of Judges – Demo Jam 1



Demo Jam 2

Three partner companies eventually emerged as a winner, a 1st runner-up and a 2nd runner-up.

Winner: Nimbl - Reclaim

Reclaim is a circular e-commerce solution that provides companies an innovative digital model that leverages SAP Build, chat bots, visual AI, and S4HANA to address linear economy challenges. The use case focuses on the Fashion and Apparel Industry but can be easily extended to Consumer Product Goods as well as Manufacturing. Supply Chain and Sales in S4 are relevant LoBs.

1st runner-up: Bristlecone - Interplant Shipment Tracking and Expediting

End-to-end Tracking of shipments with direct carrier integration, providing full visibility on the movement of goods. Get live quotes from the carriers for expediting shipments with an Email based approval system. Leverage user friendly visualization of shipment data from the carriers and analyze the data to identify patterns for making improvements.


2nd runner-up: EY - Smart Onboarding

EY has showcased Smart Onboarding solution designed for making virtual employee onboarding process experience-driven, organized and efficient. It is a combination of a mobile application for new joiners and fully automated back office processes. New hires can check real-time status of their onboarding tasks, upload all relevant documents in a single place, get information about their new team and receive initial training. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used for support (FAQ chatbot), while advanced process automation helps to process uploaded documents. All relevant stakeholders, such as HR and IT teams, as well as hiring manager, are being automatically notified about status changes in the onboarding process based on their roles.



Thanks our demo jam 2 judges:

Panel of Judges – Demo Jam 2




A loud applause to all other teams (in no order) and their use cases of this hackathon:

NTT: Claims Workbench

Claims received from customer related to Incentives will be validated with the amount payable to the customer( accrual) over a period of time . The Claims vs accruals can be equal/less/excess , some time excess amounts can be approved and settled . Ultimately we will ensure that settlement amount is not exceeding the claim amount.

EY: EY Share

To create a social interactive application for the enterprise where employees can share photos with their team mates and other employees for various events involving Social and CSR Activities.

Crave InfoTech: Process Tracking

This application is designed for Vessel transfer movement process between suites with barcode label enabled solution using SAP Build Tools. This application defines the Installation and Operational Qualification activities that should be performed in order to provide documented evidence that the Shipper Vessel application is installed, as per the compliance requirements including the Workflow Approval Process.

Savic Tech: PR and PO Approval Automation using OCR

Email approval process is a quick, efficient and affordable tool to monitor and authorize your indirect procurement. This is an effective way to involve “C” level management team in a SAP Centric process without making them logon to SAP. Setup approval process for PR based on Purchasing Group.

Kyndrl: Composed Digital Job Card using SAP Build

Kyndryl’s composed digital Job card app is LC/NC solution built using SAP Build to help both line managers and operators with scheduling, planning, executing, and closing the jobs. Leveraging SAP Built features this app provides flexible and adaptable ways to automate data collection and to improve collaboration securely. With the help of this app, the workforce can spend their valuable time on their work order operations rather than collecting  and updating information

Mouri Tech: Delivery Loader & Planner

Build an Application that gives capability to Load & Plan a delivery. Drivers can scan product by using this application and can have multiple checks (Qty/Product related), while loading the packages into delivery truck. Drivers can load packages & deliver flawlessly with exact quantities against orders which avoids error free loading, sorting and planning. Drivers can plan deliveries which they are picking from the plant.

HCL: Automated Event Based Sales Order

In an organization there are multiple changes which happen in the SO however some need validation or take more time due to approvals from multiple stakeholder's forex – change in delivery date or customer priority or quantity. This impact the overall COGS cost, profit margin etc.

  • Decision based system approval

  • Notification to multiple business stakeholders such as Logistics Manager, Customer, Supplier, Demand Planner etc. to replan as per the approved changes in the SO


DalRae Solutions: Art of Engagement

Automating the collaboration to create the newsletter content and to get approval before publishing. Automatically push the Newsletter to Active Employees and Inactive Employees and Social Media too. Email Newsletters share essential news, shape the company culture, highlight successes, recognize contributions, and explain the corporate strategy. It can also be used to recognise employees for their achievements, share success stories, and provide updates on company policies and procedures. Employees receive the newsletter notification through SuccessFactors App and email.



participants in demo jam 1


participants in demo jam 2



Going forward

The aim of Hack2Build is to take solutions beyond the hackathon, for partners to productize and commercialize their solutions. The majority of the partners were keen to take their solutions to market.  The SAP Co-Innovation Lab will be working with these partners to help them finalize their build and commercialize their solutions.

All the participant partner teams received digital badges by from SAP.


Partners also shared positive feedback towards their experience of the Hack2Build.


Work as One:

We would like to extend a special thanks to our Executives, Experts and Colleagues. This would not have been possible without you.


SAP BTP Solution Architects:  Edward Neveux, Amine MABROUK,

SAP Build Product Management: Beatrice Pasch,  Eric Solberg, Marc Huber, Iris Sasson,  Florian Buech, Max McPhee, Peter McNulty

SAP Solution Center: Idit Saguey,  Louenas Hamdi, Moshin Mordechai

SAP Industry Cloud:  Vidya Gugnani

SAP BTP Partner Solution Adoption&Enablement: Somesh Dwivedi,  Austin Chynne, Jose Bastidas

SAP Application Development, Automation and Integration: Jason Gabor

SAP COIL: Hans-Joachim Odlozinski, Martin Rosjat, Mahfuj Reza Chowdhury,  Jiayi Wang, Rudi Held, Luciano Ravenna

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