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To determine whether throw the error messages depends on how much memories are consumed by the mobile dashboard, and the memory consumption is mainly calculated by how many excel cells are used, how many calculations and logics are used in these excel cells, and how much memories are consumed by all components and so on.

The major reason that end users could not open the dashboard on mobile device is that the dashboard is too complicated, too many excel cells are used, too complex and many formulas are used in excel cells, too big data set is pulled out to dashboard from queries, please adjust the dashboard according to following rules:

  • Reduce number of excel cells usage in dashboard;
  • Reduce and adopt optimized formulas in excel cells;
  • Reduce the number of components in dashboard;
  • Simplify the queries from query side to reduce query data set;
  • Try to use direct query data binding instead of excel data binding;
  • Split complex dashboard, link all dashboards via openDocument or SAPBI url links.

Please refer to below attached images, Dashboards Mobile Best Practices, for quantitative guideline on number of components, cells and data.