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For the past 5 months, I have spent much time on answering questions in this forum. Here are the kind of postings that I have difficulties with.

  1. "I do not know what I am doing, just post my questions and get suggestions". - We are OK with new users and we welcome them. However, like everyone else, we have to do our homework. We have to read up some OpenUI5 documentation; talk to some colleagues who has some experience in this area; and write some code snippet to get familiar with the library. Even a "hello world" kind of code help. Then your post questions on what you intend to implement; and I am sure that we can get you started. Always start with small implement; do not copy a big chunk of code that we do not understand and mingle with them.
  2. "I have an issue with my code and I need help. Here is my code" - We are OK with looking at your code however we do not have time to go through many lines of code. So do not even bother to attach your "massive code". I would suggest that you recreate your problem in jsbin and share with us. You may discover the bugs/problems yourself when you start to construct a small version of your problem in jsbin, Otherwise, send your jsbin URL to us and we can figure it out for you. If you are not familiar with jsbin, Please scroll down to see how to create a very simple one.
  3. "I want to implement this [PERIOD]" - We are unable to help you if you do not tell us more about the question. It will be good if you are tell us.
    1. Precisely what you want to implement or/and issues that you have. Read and re-read your questions before posting it. Be sure that we (or me "a not very intelligent creature") can understand it.
    2. Tell us what you have try. It is nice that you have some attempts and share your experience. Or you can be honest with us. "I do not have time to do anything yet, you can get me started?"
    3. Create a jsbin (If you are not familiar with jsbin, Please scroll down to see how to create a very simple one) to demonstrate the issue.
  4. "BTW, how can ...?" - Please keep the discussion thread short. If you have more questions, create a new discussion. And, do some homework after your first question/issue is resolved. Spend some time, working on the next thing and not "conveniently" ask the next question without even trying. (Sorry to be blunt here)
  5. "I have not search for similar questions that were post, anyway here is my question..." - Kindly search for similar questions. You can refer to them in your posting if you have follow on questions.
  6. "" - Yes, NOTHING. Some users just walk away from their posting. We do not know if their questions are answered, not answered, they are still confused, they have given up and/or something else. I "dislike" this kind of people. Sorry that i have to say this. At least, write a thank note for people who have helped you (regardless if you get the answers to your question or not).

We are here to help. We can help if you can enable us to.

Sharing code snippet

jsbin ( is a good place to share or test openui5 code snippet. Very often, sharing a handful of lines of code is way much easier to inform our fellow developers about the issues or solutions. And, it is extremely easy to use \jsbin. And there is how.

When you are at, you sees four sections, namely HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Output. In the HTML section, we typically have the following markup.


<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" />

<script id="sap-ui-bootstrap"
    data-sap-ui-theme="sap_bluecrystal" src=""></script>

<body class="sapUiBody">
  <div id="content"></div>
data-sap-ui-libs="..." is where you add the openui5  packages such as sap.m and sap.ui.unified.

In the CSS section, we can enter CSS style if needed. Try this.
.test {
    color: blue

In the JavaScript section is where we have the Javascript code. Try this
var oText = new sap.ui.commons.TextView({
  text: 'Hello World'


Go ahead and try the above code in if you are new to jsbin.