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Please note that transaction CG3Z is released for files of SAP module Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) only! See SAP Note  1949906
Using CG3Z outside the EH&S module is not supported!

SCN (SAP Community Network) regularly receives the question: how can be files downloaded from the R/3 server via transaction AL11?

Unfortunately there are no standard transactions or reports which could provide such functionality, but there are some "workarounds" which can help with that.
Let's not forget: transaction AL11 just shows the files available on the server, therefore the "workarounds" are simple: let's look for programs which allow downloading files from the server to the front end!

The following chart shows a simplified flow how you can find the ideal download tool - then you can read further information below.

Point 1 - First you need to find out whether component EA-APPL is installed on the SAP system.

This component provides some ready-to-use tools which you can use to easily download files.

The easy way to find this out is to go to menu System -> Status... in any window, then select button "Component information". If EA-APPL is installed, you can see it in the appearing list.

You can see an example here:

The "hard way" is to go to transaction SPAM and press button Package level. You can see EA-APPL here too if it is installed.

For example:

Point 2 - Use transaction CG3Y.

This transaction is easy to use: you just need to enter the path of the required file and the path where the file should be downloaded to the front end. Simple as that! Here is an example:

Point 3 - Use program CACS_FILE_COPY.

You can start it via transaction SE38 or SE80. In the program you can select "Applicn on Presentation Server", and set the Source and Target Files.


Point 4 - Download the file as a simple list.

When you open the file in transaction AL11, you can download it as a simple list via menu System -> List -> Save -> Local file (see the following image).

You can select "unconverted" to save the data as a regular file, or "spreadsheet" to save the data which can be used in Excel.

Point 5 - Problem: downloaded files are truncated.

When you save the file with the method from Point 4, it may happen that the files are truncated.

Read Wiki for the solution.

Point 6 - Use function module ARCHIVFILE_SERVER_TO_CLIENT.

This is an unreleased function module which can be started from transaction SE37. Since this function module was intended for SAP-internal purposes, results may vary.

Starting ARCHIVFILE_SERVER_TO_CLIENT via testing in transaction SE37 looks like this:

Point 7 - Write your own program on OS level.
Unfortunately this point lies far outside the boundaries of this guide: this solution depends on the OS editions, used network protocol, firewall/security settings, etc.
This guide can't help here - however, the other Spaces on SCN might be a good place to start to collect ideas.

Happy hunting!