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As stated quite often, IT management and application lifecycle management won't work without data in System Landscape Directory and SAP Solution Manager Landscape Management Database (LMDB). Use, topology, and many specific scenarios have been described on three pages containing multiple documents and blogs - but you may be interested in "rules of thumb" plus related blogs and notes regarding specific aspects of handling these applications...

Rules of Thumb, Notes, and Blogs (a Summary)

Figure 1: A simplified landscape with some examples of tasks and actions required to run and use SLD and LMDB.


Use a central SLD for system registration

Distribute system registrations to any secondary SLD via bridge forwarding

Use (virtual) host names being stable over time as much as possible

Enhance SLD data supplier processing for system landscape changes – see

Set up a procedure to update CR Content in all SLD system regularly

Avoid using multiple source SLD systems for LMDB

If using PI monitoring for multiple PI domains, do not use a PI SLD as source SLD for LMDB

Consider a separate SLD as source SLD for LMDB

Setup agents on technical systems and connect the to the LMDB

Configure the system upload to SMP in one SAP Solution Manager only

  • For details, see –> Application Help –> English –> SAP Solution Manager Operations –> Managing System Landscape Information –> Setting Up the Landscape Management Infrastructure –> Synchronizing with SAP Support Portal

SLD/LMDB Change Management

Change the source SLD with care

Set up a copied LMDB with care

Avoid synchronization conflicts

Use the automation potential in SLD and LMDB

Avoid host name changes in any system profiles

Integrate SLD and LMDB in your system lifecycle management processes

Avoid manual changes in LMDB and SLD

  • Adding information which is not available in the systems is O.K.

  • Repairing information which is wrong in the systems is NOT O.K.

  • Consider the proper directory for the change (SLD or LMDB) – change data, where they are "original"

  • For automation options, see SAP note 1916052 - Automation in landscape management

SLD/LMDB Operations

Clean up SLD and LMDB once a year

Update CR Content in all SLD systems every quarter

Check status in transaction LMDB_ADM every week

  • At least error messages shall be solved

Further Information

In the following sources you'll find background information on SLD, LMDB and related applications.

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