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Making good beer is all about innovation.  As generations change and new trends enter the market, brewers have to keep up, take risks, and ensure that their brands are fresh.  For the brewers at Molson Coors, innovation comprises the foundation of their business. They innovate in their products, the way it’s consumed, and even how it’s delivered.

Innovation at its Finest

Since 1959 when Bill Coors and his team developed the first recyclable aluminum beer can, to 1995 when Molson Coors took a risk on "Bellyslide Belgian White" now known as "Blue Moon Belgium White," to the Coors Light Rocky Mountain Cold Activated Bottles and Cans that inform the drinker when their beer is cold enough for perfect consumption... Molson Coors knows how to adapt to new markets and succeed in existing ones. 

With new ideas and brands released consistently through the years, it’s no surprise that Molson Coors is leading the way for internal innovation as well.  Acquisitions make up a key portion of the company’s innovation strategy, and to efficiently measure business performance, Molson Coors needed a larger and faster Business Intelligence space. To meet their IT needs, Molson Coors implemented SAP BW powered by SAP HANA.

Watch this video for details on Molson Coors’ partnership with SAP.

The new, simplified system allows Molson Coors to develop much faster.  The nightly reporting schedule is completed each day by the time the business begins in the morning, providing employees with data easily and on time.  Their new, incredibly fast system allows Molson Coors to analyze data and put it to work for their business with unprecedented speed.  They've shortened the time it takes to develop a requested prototype from five days to one. 

In the beer industry, it’s imperative to know what your customer likes and wants, and then predict the next best product based on that knowledge.  Molson Coors’ mantra even states that, “Innovation starts and ends with our beer drinkers.” To put that statement into action, the company is now using SAP BW powered by SAP HANA to analyze customer sentiment based on social media.  They can see the buzz around their products, and through analyzing consumer tweets and Facebook posts, Molson Coors can determine the best existing markets and the best new markets to dive into.

Tailoring to all Taste Buds

What happens when you combine customer insight, creativity, curiosity, and a passion for

great brewing? You get a variety of products that are targeted to the different variations of beers drinkers and their preferences: Coors Light Iced T, Blue Moon Caramel Apple Spiced Ale, Carling Zest, Molson Canadian 67, and Molson M®.

With detailed insight into con
sumer preference provided by SAP BW powered by SAP HANA, Molson Coors has faith that they can achieve their goal of becoming one of the top four brewers in the world within the next five to ten years.  To all the tailgaters, party-goers, bar lovers, and BBQer’s of the world: you can rest easy knowing that Molson Coors is
going to keep you stocked with their great tasting products for many years to come.

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