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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Turkish authorities have been spearheading digital transformation of electronic document processing and statutory reporting since many years. SAP Document and Reporting Compliance – statutory reporting comprises the most important reports for Turkey, of which e-ledger or e-defter is to be highlighted here.

1. Business process of e-ledger reporting in SAP Document and Reporting – statutory reporting

The Fiori application Run Statutory Reports provides a unique point for business users to perform regular reporting activities.

The screen shot below shows selected e-ledger reports of Turkish reporting entity with submission due date between September and December 2022.

E-ledger reporting periods

The last possible submission date of e-ledger report for period June is 30.09.2022 as the period offset for submission due date has been configured to 3 months. Business users can maintain reporting status in the application to oversee current reporting activities at any time.

Starting monthly processing begins with selecting data and creating download files for local file system by opening the report of a specific reporting period and starting a New Run.

Business users can see the technical status and the user screen of a successful run looks like this.

E-ledger report runs for a period

A report with a given Report Run Id contains e-ledger files with document data from ERP system as per the report run generation date and time.

Business users can start runs several times, if update of e-ledger file selection is needed, for instance after enhancing documents with current header or item texts to be available in e-ledger files.

The e-ledger files can be analyzed by opening Report Run Id item.

E-Ledger files or report run Id for download

Every Report Run creates files for Document Journal and General Ledger that are available for download to local file structure.

Data in files come from accounting on the one hand and configuration on the other hand, to enable consultants to enhance data according to the specific needs.

Every journal document will be represented by its header and the corresponding line items.

This is how the data structure of document journal file looks like. Let’s take data set of a customer invoice to have a closer look. In the picture below you find it framed in red color.

Example of download file content

2. Business process of e-ledger reporting after download of e-ledger files

Downloading the files from SAP Document and Reporting Compliance ends activities in SAP system at this point but not the overall business process.

The files must be transformed into legal format and subsequently enhanced with information for final submission to tax and revenue administration.

These activities will be done by so-called accredited service providers. SAP customers are free to choose any service provider, who will then be responsible for final file submission to government.

SAP customers and service providers are free to align on a technical or organizational way of handing over files to service providers’ technical infrastructure.

After acknowledgement from tax and revenue administration the report for the submitted reporting period can be set to status Completed.

3. Configuration of e-ledger file creation

A part of report data comes directly from accounting document and another part can be configured to customers’ needs in SAP Document and Compliance - statutory reporting.

This can be done in done with maintenance views in SAP S/4HANA in reference implementation guide as follows:
IMG: Financial Accounting-> General Ledger Accounting -> Periodic Processing -> Report -> Statutory Reporting: Turkey

E-Ledger configuration in SAP implementation guide

SAP S/4HANA Cloud offers the respective Self Service Configuration User Interfaces (SSCUI).

This following screenshot was taken from S/4HANA Cloud application Manage your solution and it shows the structure for Finance -> Statutory Reporting -> Document Journal 

E-Ledger Configuration in S/4HANA Cloud (Manage your solution)

Data will be displayed in header or line items of document according to configuration.

4. Header data of documents in document journal file

Let’s have a look at the header line of a customer invoice’s data. It gets completely populated with data from accounting document, except the journal number, which is counting the number of documents consecutively from the beginning of fiscal year starting with 1.

The reference field gets filled by SAP Document and Reporting Compliance for electronic document processing with the legal number of a customer invoice according to tax and revenue administration’s requirement.

E-ledger document header data

5. Item data of document in document journal file

The item lines are both selected from accounting document and configured in setting for statutory reporting and report parameters of e-ledger report.

The line items of this document represented in e-ledger document journal shall now be the example for configuration options.

The screenshots in the following explanation were taken from an S/4HANA Cloud System.

  • lineNumber
    Besides the documents also the items are counted from the beginning of the year across the fiscal year starting with 1. This can be seen in the item’s information in the first column.

  • lineNumberCounter
    This is the same document number that one can see in the header information of the document. Every line item has the header number assigned in the second column.

  • accountMainId and accountMainDescription
    120 | Müşteriler
    This description refers to the description of the first three digits of number ranges as per Turkish chart of accounts.
    There is a configuration activity Maintain the General Ledger Account Description to configure this description, which is unique for all accounts beginning with the given three digits.

  • accountSubDescription
    Yurtiçi alacaklar
    Here you can see the G/L Account Long Text of the account in Turkish language.

  • accountSubId
    As Turkish chart of accounts needs certain number ranges there is often a need to have a global and a local chart of account with accounts assigned to each other in general ledger account master data.
    The reporting parameters of e-ledger report let customers decide whether the account numbers of local or global chart of accounts are to be taken for download files.
    The set up can be done in SAP S/4HANA in implementation guide.IMG: Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions -> Document and Reporting Compliance -> Country/Region-specific Settings -> Turkey -> Statutory Reporting -> E-Ledger Report -> General Settings -> Setting Up Your Statutory ReportingThe S/4HANA Cloud Self Service Configuration User Interface can be found with application Manage your Solution under Finance -> Statutory Reporting -> Basic Settings -> Setting Up Your Statutory Reporting

  • amount
    Line item amount value

  • debitCreditCode

  • postingDate

  • documentType and documentTypeDescription
    External document types are given by authorities or code-list whose codes must be defined in configuration (activity Specify External Document Type) and assigned to internal SAP document types (activity Assign SAP Document Type to External Document Type).
    Specify External Document TypeAssign SAP Document Type to External Document Type

  • documentNumber
    Here you can find the document number according to tax and revenue administrations numbering requirement (it comes from the reference field BKPF-XBLNR).

  • documentReference
    This is the SAP document number.

  • documentDate
    Here you find the document date.

  • paymentMethod
    External payment methods are given from authorities or external code lists. They must be specified in system (activity Specify the E-Ledger Payment Method) and assigned to a combination of account and SAP Document Type (activity Assign SAP Document Type to E-Ledger Payment Method).
    Specify E-Ledger Payment Method
    Assign SAP Document Type to E-Ledger Payment Method

  • detailComment
    GIB2021000000001-Item Text SGTXT
    This is a concatenation of reference field (BKPF-XBLNR) and Item text (BSEG-SGTXT)

The purpose of e-ledger solution is to provide the relevant business document information. The responsibility of submitting of ledger files to authorities rests with the party transferring files to legal format and enhancing with additional (technical) information in files.

6. Additional information

You would want to check additional information

Find More Information in SAP Help Portal

  • SAP Help Portal

  • Select SAP S/4HANA or SAP S/HANA Cloud

  • Search for E-Ledger Turkey

Find SAP note for field mapping information here as well.

  • SAP note 2865499 - TR:ACR:E-Ledger:File Structure Explanation (Field Mapping)

Some people ask extensibility of Document and Reporting Compliance – Statutory Reporting. Find some additional information at the following links.

You have seen the steps from using and configuring the e-ledger solution in Document and Reporting Compliance to creating download files and analyzing the business document related content of download files. Customers can freely align with their service providers about setting up the end-to-end process.

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