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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Over the years, for the SAP HANA Academy and à titre personnel, I have written well over 300 articles for the SAP Community. Some posts only reached a handful of readers, others attracted quite a few more.

For your reading pleasure and convenience, below a curated list of posts which somehow managed to pass the 10k-view milestone and, as sign of current interest, still tickle the counters each month.

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Latest update:January 1, 2023



Posts about how to get certified are generally well received. The posts about the sample questions concern those made available by SAP Training complemented with comments and references.

For some exams there is an article for each edition, below only the latest versions

About why and how to get certified, see

Microsoft Azure

Many enterprises run their SAP workloads on Azure and getting certified on the platform is clearly a topic of interest.

Google Cloud Platform

Although there is no dedicated SAP workloads certification yet for the Google Cloud Platform, here as well we note a strong interest.


Not part of the 10K club yet, but almost halfway after just a few weeks after publication and hopefully on its way



What's in a Name

The ubiquitous presence of the term HANA in SAP's products and services over time was not always clear to everyone, judging by the interest for a "cheat" sheet

What's New

As of June 2021, the only version of the SAP HANA platform in mainstream maintenance is SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05. Posts about migration, highlights, and the differences with earlier releases were read with interest.


Posted a series of articles to promote the SAP PRESS book SAP HANA 2.0 - An Introduction, about the quotes in the book, a bit of history, or topics that were beyond the scope of the book.

Should you be interested in writing a book for SAP PRESS yourself, here's a witness account

Under the Hood

Two posts covering technical implementation details of the in-memory database.

Plus a field guide covering the different technologies for developers

Installation and Update - by the SAP HANA Academy

For the SAP HANA Academy, we have recorded many tutorial videos about the SAP HANA platform;  the YouTube channel now has over 80K subscribers!

Blog post with videos embedded with some additional commentary and references also attracted many readers. Below the posts covering the latest SPS.

Besides installation and updates, many articles have also been posted about administration, security, and other topics, again with the tutorial videos embedded, e.g.

For a complete overview of the articles posted for the SAP HANA Academy, see

SAP Business Technology Platform

Onboarding Series

Article with video tutorials embedded covering how to get started on the platform


Since the release of SAP HANA Cloud in 2020 with its free trial, new tutorial videos on a wide range of topics have been published to the SAP HANA Academy YouTube channel. Here is an overview post on the topic.

SAP Cloud Identity Services

Article with video tutorials embedded.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Like most of the SAP HANA Academy team, we joined SAP through with the Business Objects acquisition and kept an affinity for business intelligence and analytics. Most viewed, is a fairly technical blog post about connecting the SAP HANA in-memory platform on-premises with SAP Analytics Cloud, with video tutorials embedded.


Steampunk, a.k.a. the SAP BTP ABAP environment / platform as-a-service has attracted a lot of interested since its first release. To help you get started, philip.mugglestone from the SAP HANA Academy recorded a sterling video tutorial series. Here is the post with videos embedded.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence

This article provides an overview of the available resources to get started (or keep going) with the latest SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.3 release.

SAP TechEd

A Guide

A well-read "unofficial guide" to the event



Interested in the future of ERP? If so, you are in good company. In this blog post you will find a book review of SAP S/4HANA Cloud – An Introduction published by SAP PRESS in May 202

Cloud Business

SAP Ariba

SAP's cloud line-of-business applications like SuccessFactors, Ariba, Fieldglass, and Concur maintain separate communities and events. For those having trouble finding information, here is a post listing some resources.

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Over the years, for the SAP HANA Academy, SAP’s Partner Innovation Lab, and à titre personnel, I have written a little over 300 posts here for the SAP Community. Some articles only reached a few readers. Others attracted quite a few more.For your reading pleasure and convenience, here is a curated list of posts which somehow managed to pass the 10k-view mile stone and, as sign of current interest, still tickle the counters each month.