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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

in late 2013 the following Option was made available for the usage of the SEM component on top of an existing BW System starting from Release NetWeaver 7.0. Now you can define the SEM component as a "normal" Add-On on top of the NetWeaver BW System. This makes the creation of the stack.xml for the usage of the software update manager and the database migration option not anymore a big hurdle.

the following Matirix shows all possible option with your existing NetWeaver BW with the SEM Add-On:

New Installation

For new installations the new Add-On product version could be choosen as usual during MOPZ transaction within the Add-On Selection Step.

See details in the Note 1927083 - SAP NetWeaver Systems with SEM-BW

for NetWeaver 7.01 choose Product "EHP4 FOR SAP SEM 6.0"
for NetWeaver 7.30 choose Product "EHP4 FOR SAP SEM 6.0" instance SEM NW7.3
for NetWeaver 7.31 choose Product "EHP6 FOR SAP SEM 6.0" (equal for NetWeaver 7.03)
for NetWeaver 7.40 choose Product "EHP7 FOR SAP SEM 6.0"
for NetWeaver 7.50 choose Product "EHP8 FOR SAP SEM 6.0"

Define the Product Instance for your BW/SEM system in the Solution Manager according the values above.

Change to Add-On Product Version of SAP SEM (CISI)

Customer which are currently using the ERP variant have now the chance to change to the new Add-On PV using the CISI process.

Step by Step documentation could be found in the Maintenance Planning Guide "Specifics in Installation and Upgrade"

You can now create the CISI.XML file from the updated product system description:
Start transaction SE38 in the Solution Manager System and run the report AI_LMDB_EASY_SUPPORT

Go to the Tab strip -Product System- select the affected system, download the stack_cisi.xml and save it.

Now you can use the software update manager (SUM) to apply the <date>_<SID>_stack_cisi.xml to the system and correct the SEM Add-On model.

After resync with transaction RZ70 with the SLD server the SEM Add-On is now correctly defined. As an alternative you can run also the report RLMDB_DOWNLOAD_INST_SOFT_INFO to create the same stack_cisi.xml. See also Note 1816146 - Correction of installed software information (CISI)

Apply the following Notes to enable the program RLMDB_DOWNLOAD_INST_SOFT_INFO
Note 1940410 - Enable download of CISI information required by SAP Note 1816146
Note 1953546 - Allow CISI with corrupt CR content

Thanks to the Application Lifecycle Management Team - SAP Maintenance Planner

SAP Maintenance Planner

Additional Information about the Modeling of the NetWeaver BW/SEM System can be found here: SAP First Guidance - SEM/BW Modelling in SolMan 7.x with MOPZ

Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Analytics SAP SE