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Who we are

We are SAP’s Center of Expertise (COE) for Analytics, Planning, and Consolidation in the globally operating Adoption Service Center. Our goal is to drive adoption and consumption of SAP Business Technology Platform technologies and lay the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise. We are a trusted partner for customers with MaxAttention or Premium Engagement (PE). Also, we engage in the area of Professional Services, Preferred Success and other partnerships.



Your SAC implementation is finished, a user acceptance test has been performed, the performance of the critical business process steps has been optimized and the users have received a training course. Now the go-live data is approaching, and you would like to ensure that the productive runs smoothly, with a stable and performance SAC system, and that possible issues can be addressed quickly to SAP. Furthermore, you would like to get an overview about the health of the system during this peak phase.

For all this we have an offering: The Go-Live Support service (GLS).


SAC is a SaaS solution accessed via a browser. Although during the past years SAC has received a lot of enhancements that enable our customers to get an overview about response times, a deep server-side monitoring on the SAC HANA backend is not possible for customers, no matter if SAC runs on a public tenant (shared with other SAC customers) or on a private tenant.

In case of high resource consumption, SAP can analyze which user has executed what type of action, notify the customer immediately and analyze the involved objects.

Peak Situations


Root Cause Analysis


Data Action Monitor


High Memory due to expensive Data Action


The private tenant is the recommended setup for SAC customers with complex SAC processes and high concurrency, especially if SAC is used for planning, since customers can choose the most appropriate size (128 GB up to 2 TB). If the GLS reveals a resource bottleneck on the SAC server, customer can quite easily migrate to a larger tenant to ensure the right sizing for the upcoming peak phases.

Based on the observed resource consumption, we can also extrapolate the results to the next roll-out phase and provide an estimation about the system behavior in the future.

What if the performance issues are not caused by SAC itself? If customers have processes that involve a remote system (e.g. live reporting on BW/4HANA, S/4HANA or HANA, live planning with BPC), we can include these system in our monitoring and RCA activities, since we have experts from all different areas available.


Customer-tailored Approach

In the GLS service we can support our customers with a tailored approach that fits exactly to their needs; a typical GLS service is delivered in one week, but it can be shortened or extended as required. Depending on the complexity and the system landscape, it will be delivered by one or several consultants.



  • Monitoring of the resource consumption on the HANA DB of SAC (not accessible for customers)

  • Monitoring of the load on the remote systems (optional)

  • Performance monitoring with the help of the SAC statistics

  • Confirmation about the user adoption and license consumption

  • Error analysis

  • Direct contact for issues that appear during the go-live period.

Each customer will receive a report with the detailed observations, analysis and recommendations, according to our well established GLS methodology. All findings will be discussed together with the customer in a wrap-up meeting.



The Go-live Support is an essential service of our Safeguarding portfolio for SAC, that helps our customer to ensure a smooth go-live and provides them with valuable information about the system behavior that is not accessible from outside SAP.

So when your go-live date is approaching and you would like to safeguard it as best as possible,  don't hesitate to reach out to your Technical Quality Manager (TQM), your SAP Account, your Customer Success Partner (CSP), or our central entry channel, the Virtual Project Room (VPR).