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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Fiori Elements, Bangalore team participated in developer fair at dkom 2017 representing the basic of Fiori Elements(e.k.a, Smart templates). The developer fair concentrated on creating awareness to internal / external audience on 4 basic elements from Fiori -2.0;

  • List Report (LR)

  • Object Page (OP)

  • Analytical List Page (ALP)

  • Overview Page(OVP)

The roll-out was channelized to,

  • Out of box features / solutions that are delivered as standard UI shipment for consumption.

  • Benefits of using Fiori Elements

    • Possibility of re-using the features available

    • Reduction of TCO efforts on development

Developer fair had attracted around 10+ audience and the best part was, either they were consumers of earlier versions of Fiori Elements or CoE for the respective org units. Few colleagues were keen in consuming Fiori Elements in their upcoming applications. Thus ensuring the discussion and roll-out  being addressed to the right audience with very good questions (some to answer and few to take back).

The audience were quite interested to learn more on this topic and had also requested for a offline training session. Leads were generated,with internal colleagues wanting to have recommendation on using Fiori Elements for their application development.

Colleagues who visited developer fair, were frequent audience of Remote consulting. Audience expressed a good feeling to learn that a local team does exists to consult at times of queries and clarification.

Participation at dkom 2017, enabled us to connect with few customers and partners during networking breaks, sessions which enabled exchange of business cards for later connect.


Few snaps from the event preparation to the execution is uploaded for glance.

Pic#1: Colleagues / speakers from Fiori Elements preparing for the presentation at dkom 2017

Pic#2: Team walks through the presentation with audience at developer fair

Pic#3: Customer presentation during dkom-2017

Pic#4: Colleagues & speakers from Fiori Elements at the developer fair booth

Incase of interest in learning more on the Fiori Elements, Kindly send in your queries to
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