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As part of IT Services, Labs IT is dedicated to support the development community at SAP; Global Labs Development Systems particularly supports backend systems and servers used by developers for a wide range of applications going from development, Quality Assurance and build for SAP Kernel / Netweaver / HANA Database / HANA Apps among others to Business Suite support for ABAP developers on Cust Dev.

One of the challenges that we have found while delivering a new server or system is that we need to always deliver the same kind of product/server using our standards as agreed with the customer depending the operation purpose, we need to run the same process again and again every time we need to deliver; these process and tasks are repetitive and it doesn’t bring any added value or knowledge to our team members that need to configure the same thing over and over.

Two of the most important objectives within Labs IT’s organization are;

  • Increase automation and process simplification and optimization.
  • Maintain high customer satisfactions in Labs IT.

Setting up a process that meet all the needs and requests from our customers in order to have them happy and able to do their jobs is in a way our biggest challenge. Following this guidelines, we have proposed a solution.

GLDS Cloud Delivery Automation Project allows E2E server provisioning delivery for customers and TLOs. We have enabled anyone to deploy virtual servers on Cloud Environment using GLDS and our customer’s standards as needed reducing E2E delivery times to under 1 hour, on a fully automated fashion without any user intervention other than starting the automation process, saving over hundred man hours a year of server delivery tasks.

Inspired in our objectives and passions we put our efforts working in a solution that can face these challenges:

  • Reduce and in some cases eliminate repetitive tasks and procedures.
  • Meet all of our Customer’s needs regarding server and system provisioning.
  • Standardize our server and system delivery with highest quality.
  • Reduce service delivery time on each process.

We focus our motivation in provide better and efficient solutions to our customers within SAP. Having in mind the end of life of current virtualization solutions we had to offer a better way to make the things happen on these two available options, challenging the status quo and simplifying the process that we use to have on these kind of virtual hardware delivery, we deployed this project within GLDS team.

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