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Since SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP12 Change Request Management (ChaRM) Git-enabled Change process supports GitHub as the Git server, now ChaRM extends its ability to support more Git severs like GitLab from 7.2 SP16. The default process of the Git-enabled Change triggers the deployment based on system role types, which means changes will be deployed into systems in the same role type without priority, now it's possible for Git-enabled Change to trigger the deployment based on the system role.

Git-enabled Change Process Using GitLab as Git Server 

You have configured gCTS for ChaRM refer to the online help Configuring Git-enabled CTS.

You have set the parameter AIC_GCTS_ENHANCE to value 'X' in view AGS_WORK_CUSTOM on SAP Solution Manager system.

You have cloned your GitLab repository with correct type (e.g., GitLab) in gCTS Fiori App on all your managed systems.

To get a better understanding about Git-enabled Change process, you can refer to online help Processing Git-enabled Changes.

To get a full view on how Git-enabled Change process works with GitHub, refer to blog How Change Request Management (ChaRM) Leverages Git-enabled CTS (gCTS). There will be no difference for the process of Git-enabled Change using GitHub or GitLab, except that the ABAP change wil be pushed to and pulled from the Git server you choose:

Link your Git-enabled Change to the GitLab repository.

Release transport task to commit the changes to GitLab repository.

Pull the changes from GitLab repository for your test system and production system when setting Git-enabled Change to "To Be Tested" and "Deployed into Production" status, same commit will be deployed for all your managed systems.

Your changes on feature branch will also be merged into main branch for the remote GitLab repository when setting Git-enabled Change to "Authorized for Production" status.

System Role-Specific Deployment

Since SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP16, there are pre-defined system-role-based actions (DEPLOY_+) and consistency checks (DEPLOY_INTO_+_OK) can be utilized in the Git-enabled Change process. Here the symbol '+' represents a digital number 0~9 of the system role that you have configured in your logical component groups.

Follow the below steps if you want to make use of the new actions/checks:

1. Define your system role in the logical component group of your respective systems to be deployed by using the number 0~9.

2. In the view cluster AIC_SETTINGS2 -> your Git-enabled Change transaction type (XXGH) -> Assign Actions and Assign Consistency Checks, replace the default deploy action and deploy consistency check for the respective status by using the new action DEPLOY_(0~9) and the new consistency check DEPLOY_INTO_(0~9)_OK. You may also pay attention to the Define Executing Time of Actions and the Define Execution Time of Consistency Checks, if the action is configured as "Execute After Checks", then the consistency check should be configured as "Final Execution". Then your Git-enabled Change (transaction type XXGH) will support deployment by system roles.