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In many smaller parts I will teach you how to build your first application and extend it step by step with more features. I will take you through a connected journey from the initial requirements to a full application.

In my use case the customer needs a custom seminar mgmt. that covers his very individual needs and therefore we quickly create him a custom solution. If you are new, just start with the first video of the series where I introduce the use case and continue from there with the following videos step by step.

Here I will list all my videos by topic but actually they will all be connected and it will be best to follow them one by one as each one builds on the previous one. But also each video for itself should explain the content so that you can also just jump into the one you are interested in directly. For each video I created one blog post where I also write a few words but if you prefer you can also find the entire collection in one YouTube Playlist.

I will keep updating this entry here and by time it should be a great source of information for all beginners. I will try to update it regularly and post regularly but I cannot yet promise you how fast I will be 🙂

Please note that I will focus on extending the SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud in my examples.

Stay tuned for the first videos coming end of 2019 and more in Jan 2020 🙂

Getting started

These 5 videos show you how to create in less than 30 minutes a new application with a database, a user interface and some simple business logic.

  1. Introduction of the Use Case

  2. Creating a new solution and new business object

  3. Creating your business logic

  4. Generating the UI and minimal fine tuning

  5. Testing the application

Fine tuning the UIs

  1. Basic fine tuning of the generated UIs

  2. Adding an object value selector (OVS)

  3. Adding a delete feature with an icon

  4. Adding a search and filter options

  5. Final fine tuning of the UI (OWL)

  6. Create your own mobile app!

  7. Adding an automatic refresh (old video)

Improving the Business Object

  1. Linking business objects via an association

  2. Adding a node to your business object

  3. Adding an alternative key and using the number range re-use library

  4. Adding an attachment folder and binding it on the UI

Improving the Business Logic

  1. Debugging your solution

  2. Creating a query

Additional Features

  1. Creating a datasource for Analytics

  2. More features and future outlook

Adding Integration Features

  1. Providing ODATA services for your solution

  2. Providing a SOAP web service for your solution (old video)

  3. Consuming an external web service from your solution (SOAP) (old video)

  4. Consuming an external web service from your solution (REST) (blog by Jerry and official documentation)

Extending the Standard

  1. Embedding your own UI (embedded component) in a standard UI

  2. Adding an extension field to standard objects

  3. Creating your own object value selector

  4. Retrieving via code a description and assigning it to your object value selector

  5. Adding custom code to a standard object (old video)

General Explanations


I hope enjoyed those expert sessions!

PS: A long time ago I posted already many videos on how to develop with the Cloud Application Studio but by now I have recreated most of them besides a few very general sessions. If you are interested you find here my old video collection.