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You’ve just successfully installed SAP IQ. What should you do next?

Some useful videos can help you through the process.

First, you need to create a new database. Learn how to configure your environment and then create a new database in Creating an SAP IQ Database.

Once you’ve created your database, you use the startup utility (start_iq) to get it running.  The start_iq utility uses preset default values and calculated values based on your environment. To master start_iq, watch Starting an SAP IQ Database.

After you have a running database, you may convert it to a multiplex for faster query processing. You’ll need to configure your environment, convert the database to a multiplex and add secondary nodes. Are you most comfortable with  SQL commands, or would you prefer a browser application?  Choose your favorite method and watch one of these videos:

Now you’re ready to load your database and query data.

You can learn about that from the SAP IQ documentation for your version at
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