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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Recently we have added a new feature to SAP HANA Native Application dev spaces in SAP Business Application Studio that can help developers get started quickly with their native SAP HANA development projects. The feature is part of SAP Business Application Studio's "Guided Development" feature which serves as a central place for proven workflows and development best-practices. The new feature is called "SAP HANA: Getting Started" and here is how to use it.

Create a Dev Space

To get to the getting started guide you first need to create a "SAP HANA Native Application" dev space, if you don't have one yet. To do that open your SAP Business Application Studio instance. You can either use a paid subscription or the trial version. The feature is available in both. In your SAP Business Application Studio instance you can then create a new "SAP HANA Native Application" dev space. Once the dev space is in the "Running" state you can enter it by clicking on the dev space name.

Open the Getting Started Guide

Once inside your dev space you can open the SAP HANA getting started guide by clicking the "Guided Development" link on the welcome page. If you prefer (or if you have already closed the welcome page) you can also start the SAP HANA getting started guide from the command palette via the command "SAP HANA: Getting Started".

Follow the Getting Started Guide

At the time of writing the getting started guide contains one scenario: "Create SAP HANA Database Applications and Artifacts". To start the scenario click on the "Get Started With SAP HANA Cloud" heading. This will expand the list of steps required to complete the scenario.

The steps can again be expanded by clicking on them. The expanded steps will provide detailed explanations about their purpose and, if applicable, links to further documentation and buttons for directly triggering the appropriate functionality in SAP Business Application Studio.

Complete the Getting Starting Guide

If you follow the steps in the getting started guide until the end you will have created a new SAP HANA application project and deployed it to your SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment account. You can now use this project as a base for adding more functionality as you wish.

What's Next

The "Create SAP HANA Database Applications and Artifacts" scenario is just the beginning. We will add more useful scenarios from time to time. Be sure to regularly check back for more.

Happy coding!