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The Developer Garage atTechEd Las Vegas and Barcelona is the place where we help you to get SAP development tools and environments running on your own laptop. In the list of topics you will find 3 sessions where you can benefit from a Developer Edition in SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL):

  • Tools for ABAP Developers
  • Tools for SAP HANA Native Developers
  • Tools for EDW Designers and Developers

You can deploy the backend systems for these setups via SAP CAL Console into your Amazon Web Service or Azure account and run the developer tools installed on your laptop against them. For AWS accounts we offer $50 vouchers at the Developer Garage at TechEd.

This blog is intended to help everyone who is interested in getting one or all three scenarios running at TechEd. It is also good as a preparation as you might expect some latency in account approval if you don’t have an AWS or Azure account yet.

For supporting material see the Video and e-Learning section in this SCN space.

We will take three simple steps:

  1. Create your Cloud provider account.
  2. Create your CAL account and deploy the backend system
  3. Install the development tool environment on your laptop and connect it to the backend system

1. Create your Cloud provider account

Amazon Web Services

You will create a Cloud account, create a group, a user and assign the policies that are needed for CAL:

Note:The micro instance that is offered in the free account is not sufficient to run the SAP solutions we have in CAL. Using larger instances will raise costs (about 30 cents per hour / HANA native; $ 1,20 for ABAP/BW on HANA + storage )

With the AWS 50$ voucher offered at SAP TechEd Developer Garage you can add credits to your account which will make the initial use of your solution covered by the voucher credits.

  • Go to
  • Click on Identity & Access Management (key symbol; about middle of the screen)
  • Use the dashboard to perform the following actions:

    1. Create a group
    2. Assign the following policies to your group:
      • AmazonEC2FullAccess
      • AmazonVPCFullAccess
      • ReadOnlyAccess
      • AWSAccountUsageReportAccess
    3. Create a user and assign it to the group

Now you need to generate a key pair of access key + secret access key for your user. You will need it for registering your AWS account in SAP CAL.

  • Go to users -> mark your user, choose User Actions -> Manage Access Keys.
  • Choose Create Access key and save the credentials.csv that holds the pair of access key and secret acess key.

Refer to CAL FAQ – Specific questions for Amazon Web Services for more details.


How to set up an account with Azure is described in CAL FAQ - Specific questions for Microsoft Azure

2. Create your CAL account and deploy the Backend System

As an SCN user you are already registered with SAP ID service and can logon to SAP CAL ( with SCN credentials. As a new user register yourself in SAP CAL login dialogue.

  1. In the top level navigation choose SOLUTIONS and then the Developer Edition that fits your scenario - SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and SAP BW 7.40 SP10 on SAP HANA or SAP HANA Developer Edition 1.0 SPS 09 (Filter for free solutions to reduce the listed solutions).
  2. Click on Try now to accept the Solution T&C.
  3. In the top level navigation choose ACCOUNT and create Account in the top right corner. Create your SAP CAL account, following the standard procedure. When choosing Cloud provider AWS use the data from the credentials.csv you downloaded before.
  4. Go back to SOLUTIONS and click on Activate. Now you can choose CAMPAIGNS in the right navigation to get your AWS promotion code.
  5. Click on Create Instance (will appear in the same place).
  6. Create your instance following the standard procedure. The activation of the instance will take between 15 and 40 minutes and a green square symbol will indicate that the solution is running.Once your solution is running click on the solution name to check for the properties. Here you will find the IP addresses, Access points (ports), scheduling info etc.You will need this info later on.

Note: the links here in the blog behind the solution names above will take you to a shortened set up with AWS accounts. Set up is faster with default values but any configuration (instance scheduling etc.) must be applied afterwards.

3. Install the Development Tool Environments on your Laptop and connect it to the Backend System

The develoment tools are provided on


If you want to be prepared for each of the 3 scenarios – ABAP, BW and HANA native – we recommend to install eclipse/Luna.

  1. Get an installation of Eclipse Luna
  2. In Eclipse, choose in the menu bar Help > Install New Software...
  3. For Eclipse Luna (4.4), add the URL
  4. Press Enter to display the available features.
  5. Select:
    • Modeling Tools for SAP BW powered by SAP HANA (for Tools for EDW Designers and Developers)
    • ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver (for Tools for ABAP Devlopers)
    • SAP HANA Tools (for Tools for HANA Developers)
  1. You get an overview of the features to be installed. Choose Next.
  2. Confirm the license agreements and choose Finish to start the installation.

Note: for SAP HANA native Development we now recommend that you work with the SAP HANA Web-Based Development Workbench. You can access your HANA server by entering http://IP into your browser address bar, port 8000 will take you to the Development overview page (e.g. http://52.29.16.nn:8000).

Connect Eclipse to Backend System

To access the backend system in eclipse you need to configure the hosts file on your laptop and to refer to the backend system in SAP Logon before starting your project in eclipse.

Configure hosts file:

Windows: Open file hosts in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc as an administrator (choose administrator option in Notepad) and enter the IP address and host name

MAC: open terminal and enter: sudo vi /etc/hosts

sample entry:          abapci  abapci.dummy.nodomain

Open SAP logon and create a new system entry using the following details:

IP address

See instance details in SAP CAL (backend)

Application Server




Instance number



Master Password

User Names

Client 000: DDIC, SAP*


Detailed information including all users etc is provided in the Getting Started Guide of the solution, which is attached in SAP CAL.

In eclipse choose the ABAP perspective by going to Window > Open perspective > Other.

Create a new ABAP Project and choose the System you have created in SAP Logon.

Your environment is now ready to use. For a procedure on how to go on with setting up your eclipse project refer to the Code Jam Guide.

Supporting material:

Guides and Tutorials for the Developer Edition of AS ABAP incl. BW on SAP HANA

SAP BW powered by SAP HANA - Modeling Tools in Eclipse (BW-MT)

SAP HANA Developer Center