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As an SAP enabled organisation, you will have most probably heard of SAP SIGNAVIO, and how your transformation journey can be accelerated, or valued up.

SAP SIGNAVIO offers a great suite of capabilities to manage business processes, pretty fascinating also in the area of generating benefit from data.

One of the components is called SAP SIGNAVIO Process Insights

Here is what you will find

  • Process Flows

  • Performance Indicators

  • Correction Recommendations

  • Innovation Recommendations

Since this blog is called 'Getting into the Flow', I will focus on Process Flows, and how to understand them

In 3 minutes from now, you will be into the ︎ flow.......


Examples work best (put me to the test)

There is a great variety of flows you can select, one of them e.g. ist called

Purchase order item creation to GR/IR clearing 

All process flows have an ID, this one is called KPPURCH260


So where are we ?

We are in the P2P, the procure to pay area.

  • A Purchase Order Item is created

  • The items were delivered, and a Goods Receipt took place

  • The supplier sends an invoice and aSupplier Invoice gets created

  • if payment has taken place, the FI-AP item is cleared


This illustration describes the selection logic.

In a time period in the past, n PO items were created. The flow now checks for each of these n PO items, whether a goods receipt, an invoice creations, and a payment took place until today.



This is why in Process Insights, the visual representation is jolly handy:

You can see immediately how much is still to be done.


You can also see immediately absolut as well as relative numbers, you are informed about

Minimum, Average and Maximum duration between the steps.


and when you hover of any stage, you are informed about the completion rate and the average time it takes.


So, getting into the Flow is pretty straight forward, as long as you understand that we consider the 'Cases' that were initiated in the selection period in the past.

Now that you get into the flow with ease, let us look into the Most frequent Blockbusters in one of the next posts, all right?

If you like what you see, follow me and the Tag #SAP SIGNAVIO, I would be grateful to have your comments and I will try to answer any question you may post !