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*** Updated 11th August 2021: This blog post has been adjusted so that it reflects the current released state.

Within the scope of the recent SAP Fiori 3 innovations, there is an important innovation for the SAP Fiori launchpad: the spaces concept. With this new concept, we introduced the possibility to define the layout of the pages of whole user groups. This allows to consume the content of the launchpad in an easier and more structured way than before. This means, no overloaded home pages anymore, which led users to get lost with too much content, and no more confusion because of a missing structure.

Layout Elements

These are the layout elements to achieve this: spaces and pages.

  • Space: defines the navigation structure and provides the overall context for the displayed content

  • Page: contains apps for a business role, grouped in sections to guide users through work contexts

This helps increasing the flexibility in content structuring by providing several role-based pages to users instead of just one home page. For every role, one or more spaces are made available to users where they can find pages with their most important entry points and information. Those spaces can be found in the menu bar on top of the launchpad. Tiles in pages can be grouped into sections.

For the time being, spaces represent an alternative layout in comparison to the home page. This means, that the home page is still available and used per default and spaces can be used instead of them. At some point in time, the spaces will completely replace the home page.

Where Do I Find It?

There is a setting in the user actions menu settings, called “Spaces”. If your administrator activated this setting for the usage of spaces, you can access it by clicking on the user actions menu icon on the right of the shell bar. In the next step, when you select the “Settings”, you will find the new setting for enabling the spaces. Just click on the “Use Spaces” checkbox. And of course, do not forget to save your changes.

Now, the launchpad will display spaces and pages, that your administrator has created for your business roles upfront, instead of groups.

You can find additional information, including a guided tour where you can try it out yourself, in the documentation.


You may ask yourself now, if you are still able to adjust the pages with regards to their layout and the content, so that it best suits your needs. And the answer is, yes! You still have most of the personalization options that you already know from the home page. The App Finder even allows you to choose from your set of spaces and pages where you want to add the desired tile to.

In the edit mode of the launchpad, you will not only find the personalization options, that you already know, but you will also see that as part of the SAP Fiori 3 enhancements, the overall design of the edit mode has been slightly changed for a better user experience.


Spaces and pages are available:

  • With cloud products like for example SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  • As of SAP S/4HANA 2020

  • With SAP Launchpad service - currently spaces and pages are only available in the user's launchpad; there are no design time tools available yet

Further Reading

If you want to know more from an administration perspective, read the blog post Manage Spaces and Pages for SAP Fiori Launchpad.