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During the past two weeks, we had two great pieces of news: the release of SPS01 for SAP HANA 2.0 followed by the updated release of SAP HANA, express edition, by rudi.leibbrandttoday.

While I continue to work on the rest of the tutorials, I'm happy to help you get started with XS Advanced on SPS01 with the updated versions of two of our tutorial series:

  • Getting started with your first XS Advanced application: This tutorial series starts by a simple web module with HTML5, database development (in an HDI container) and a node.js module to expose oData and XSJS services. The easiest way to warm up and get started with XS Advanced development in SAP HANA:

  • Exposing and Creating Data through oData Services: This tutorial series starts by creating a simple Core Data Services entity, exposing a single table through and oData service, exposing an association (joined header-item tables) and using an exit in an oData services to validate and insert an entry:

All of these from the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA, which has received lots of improvements that make development easier (I'll get back to this point some other time):

(psst... have you seen that Java module there?)

Still not sure what XS Advanced is about? Maybe this series of blog posts help.

Also, Smart Data Streaming has joined the SAP HANA Express party and we are also cheering with a new series of tutorials by jeff.wootton in this blog.

In case you are still wondering how you can get your own SAP HANA instance with XS Advanced:

  1. Register to download a Virtual Machine with SAP HANA, express edition, with XS Advanced applications if your computer has 16GB RAM or more here. (yes, 16GB RAM were enough for me to complete the above tutorials)

  2. Register to download the binaries here and choose where to install them:

Not sure where to get your HANA Express + XS Advanced apps image? Check this update: 

thomas.jung and rich.heilman already explained why SPS01 is such great news and where you can get more information and training in these two blogs:


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