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This three-part blog series introduces SAP Signavio Process Insights’ new guide: Get Started with SAP Signavio Process Insights. In this series we will explore the content of the guide, which will hopefully make your first days and weeks with SAP Signavio Process Insights as easy as possible.


When to use the SAP Signavio Process Insights “Get Started Guide”?

Has your organization just purchased SAP Signavio Process Insights? What are the first steps? Do you just get started with your first analysis or need some inspiration along the way? Even if you have already had some enablement sessions and want to get hands-on experience, this guide is for you.

In case you’re not (yet) a customer, this guide can still help you to get a glimpse into the capabilities of SAP Signavio Process Insights.

If you are a customer already, then congratulations! We hope you are as excited as we are in making your transformation journey as efficient as possible. Whether you want to continuously improve your ECC system, get ready to move towards SAP S/4 HANA, or remove inefficiencies in your SAP Ariba procurement processes*, SAP Signavio Process Insights can support you.

After reading this guide, you will

  • understand which use cases can be tackled with SAP Signavio Process Insights

  • know which stakeholders to involve

  • have a good understanding of how our plug-and-play approach works

  • be ready to start your first analysis

  • be able to continuously monitor and improve your processes

  • have all the links at hand to find more detailed information


How does your First Day with SAP Signavio Process Insights look like?


SAP Signavio Process Insights is a plug-and-play solution. Once you've set up the connection between your SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, or SAP Ariba system(s)* and SAP Signavio Process Insights (running on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)), data collection will start, and you can start analyzing your business processes.

As soon as your contract starts, your IT contact stated in your contract will get e-mails including the information required to start the connection. The system connection can be established in less than one hour as soon as the ERP side's technical prerequisites are met. Results are available for analysis in SAP Signavio Process Insights within 24 hours.



Please find all the necessary onboarding information in the SAP Help Portal.



As soon as your data is available in SAP Signavio Process Insights, you may want to start by simply getting a first overview of the process performance in your ERP systems. You can do this without having a clear use case in mind, for example by

  • looking at those process flows that have a particularly high number of blockers displayed on the start screen. These indicate issues within a certain process that can be further analyzed.

  • entering certain E2E processes and filtering to the organizational unit you are interested in.


We want to encourage you to use your first day and get familiar with the product. Which first insights were you able to retrieve on your first day? Let us know your comments down below.

The next blog post will show you how to make the best of your first week. Ensure you follow the SAP Signavio Community page to receive automatic notifications in your inbox. Stay tuned!


*planned release of Ariba integration: May 2023