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So you want to upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and wonder how to get prepared? Well, here’s good news for you…

SAP Solution Manager is the central lifecycle management hub for SAP systems and SAP solutions: on premise, or in the cloud. It accelerates innovation, manages application lifecycles, and runs solutions, end-to-end, on ONE integrated business and IT platform.

To get ready for your upgrade to SAP Solution Manager release 7.2, you can now benefit from guided-discovery tutorials (GDT), a brand new learning format offered by the award-winning SAP Enterprise Support Academy*. This innovative format combines theory and practice in a short and concise tutorial.

Each GDT covers a dedicated use case of an SAP Solution Manager scenario and allows you to navigate through a virtual demo environment at your own pace to discover SAP Solution Manager 7.2. A GDT consists of an introduction to the scenario, followed by a system demo of the scenario in both SAP Solution Manager 7.1 & 7.2, and ends with a hands-on, interactive simulation.

With GDTs you can

  • Get insights into the new functionality of SAP Solution Manager 7.2
  • Understand the differences between SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2
  • Sample the new user experience of SAP Solution Manager 7.2
  • Practice at your own pace
  • Exercise when and as often as you want

Guided-discovery tutorials are built with SAP Workforce Performance Builder, SAP’s solution for end-user enablement to create simulations, documentation, online help and e-learning.

GDTs are currently available for the following scenarios (more topics coming soon):

We’d like to get your feedback about GDTs, please email

More information about SAP Solution Manager

The SAP Enterprise Support Academy program offers a wide range of services and educational content, empowering you to develop your skills and boost your knowledge. Included as part of the SAP Enterprise Support agreement at no additional cost, this program enables you to fully maximize the benefit of SAP Enterprise Support offerings and the SAP software that runs your business.

*Access to the SAP Enterprise Support Academy requires an SAP s-user ID. Request your s-user via your system administrator or by following this link: