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Product and Topic Expert

Plenty has already been written about SAP Fiori 3 – the reimagined design, the new concepts and integration aspects. Let’s turn the talk into action: With UI5 1.65, we have made major design elements of SAP Fiori 3 available for you!

SAP Fiori 3 in a Nutshell

SAP Fiori 3 is SAP’s new target design system, which evolves the SAP Fiori design for all SAP products to fully support the Intelligent Suite, running on any device. It has been defined jointly with all the various SAP product units. They took SAP Fiori 2.0 as a starting point and established which aspects would need to be added to best support them all.

In addition to a new theme with a fresh, modern look and feel, the design of the home pages was revised. A further part is that natural language interaction and machine intelligence will become key part of the experience by integrating them into the foundation of the design.

Design Meets Technology: UI5 as an Enabler for SAP Fiori 3

As UI5 is the technology of choice for enterprise-ready SAP Fiori apps, we made every effort to provide out-of-the-box technical assets that empower customers and partners to enable the SAP Fiori 3 design system. In real terms this means UI5 delivers the SAP Fiori 3 design through the following assets, available as of UI5 1.65: Theming, Cards & Layouting, as well as Shell Bar.


Each design evolution goes along with a new styling. Therefore, the new SAP Fiori 3 theme is now available with UI5. It is called SAP Quartz Light. It is simple and minimalist, making it easy for customers to theme it to their brand.

Like all UI5 themes, the new SAP Quartz Light theme can be rendered in compact density suitable for desktop devices, as well as cozy density, which provides optimized spacing for touch devices. The size of the controls in cozy mode was reduced a bit for the SAP Quartz Light theme, which on the one hand fulfills the new UX consistency metrics, and on the other hand allows more information to be displayed on the available view port.

Cards & Layouting

One of the most requested new aspects was being able to provide more information on home pages, which the design and now also UI5 is supporting via cards.

Cards can be integrated into the Central Home and allow you to create custom pages. In addition to the title and a short description of the app, they also show a preview of the information the end user can find in the specific app.  UI5 provides six predefined types of these “Integration Cards”, each designed in a different style and contains various content formats:

With Integration Cards, you can choose between several predefined visualizations. The benefit of using Integration Cards is that each card has its own configuration file (manifest.json), which can be bound to different data sources, following a declarative approach. All Integration Card types can be found under the sap.ui.integration.widgets.Card namespace.

For UI5 apps that don’t require an individual configuration for each card, UI5 provides a standard card control calls sap.f.Card. Its header design is predefined, and its content aggregation allows the app to build any cards’ content via embedding different UI5 controls.

If you want to find out more how the Cards work, you can check the documentation.

For more convenience and to achieve out-of-the-box responsiveness and flexibility while implementing an SAP Fiori 3 home page, UI5 also provided the CSS Grid layout a while ago. This is a two-dimensional layout control based on the native browser CSS display grid, which can handle both columns and rows and properly accommodate Cards.

Shell Bar

In addition to the new Quartz theme, a new shell header bar has been aligned to be a best fit for all SAP products, and to be as simple as possible.

To benefit from this new shell header bar design of SAP Fiori 3 also on your custom home page, UI5 provides the fully-fledged Shell Bar control as an independent unit, a horizontal bar control that holds multiple child controls and is used as an application shell header.

Adopting SAP Fiori 3

The good news is that SAP Fiori 3 is basically technically compatible with Fiori 2.0, so most apps will continue working from a runtime point of view without any problems. Just switch on the new by setting the theme to sap_fiori_3and off we go!

Granted: Some minor changes have been made to the theme metrics. This means that if you have built your own custom UI5 controls, you will need to verify that they still work and look fine. The same applies if you use a custom CSS or a runtime CSS converter such as lessify – you will need to test and probably adapt a few things. Here are some pointers:

  • Try to use theme parameters instead of hard-coded colors.

  • Check the cozy mode  since the controls’ metrics for cozy mode are smaller now, allowing e.g. more lines in a table.

And another tip to bring to a close: In case you created your own custom theme on top of Belize with the UI theme designer, you will need to redo it on top of the SAP Quartz Light theme.

Cards, CSSGrid layout and the Shell Bar are still virgin, but released and to yours disposition. Assemble them in your apps, create new one and let us know how they are doing. Feedback and comments are very welcome!


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