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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
To prepare your BW system to migrate to SAP BW bridge & SAP Datasphere, it’s important to estimate the memory size to get a detailed overview about your current system that has to be moved into the public cloud world.

Our Sizing Report can be used for either SAP BW/4HANA Sizing or for SAP Datasphere / SAP BW bridge Sizing.

The report (/SDF/HANA_BW_SIZING) is available from SAP BW 7.3 (on any DB) and you will find any information with regards to the new sizing report in SAP Note 2296290.

Resource requirements for SAP BW bridge are a bit different than previous sizing estimations.

SAP BW bridge is used as Staging Layer and the whole reporting Layer will be moved to SAP Datasphere Core.


Based on the SAP BW/4HANA Report, we have rolled out Version 2.7.0 and implemented following features: 

  • Introduction of Sizing for SAP Datasphere (DSP) and SAP BW bridge (BWB).

  • Target release for BW Sizing is always SAP BW/4HANA.

  • Introduction of binary prefixes for memory sizes.


DWC / Bridge Sizing calculates KPIs relevant for DWC configuration tool:

  • Disk size of all tables to be stored in SAP BW bridge.

  • Disk size of all tables relevant for reporting. The size of these tables is the minimum size of a SAP Datasphere Space.

  • Replication of tables in multiple SAP Datasphere spaces is not covered by the sizing report.


Selection Screen provides following input fields for DWC / Bridge Sizing:

  • “Include InfoProviders”:
    List of ADSO or other InfoProvider technical names which are to be loaded into BW Bridge

  • “Include InfoProviders from InfoArea”:
    List of InfoAreas which contain InfoProviders to be loaded into BW Bridge

  • “Exclude ADSOs”:
    List of technical names of InfoProviders which are to be excluded from loading into BW Bridge

The resulting list of InfoProviders includes all InfoProviders of the first two lists, from which all InfoProviders in the exclude list are removed. Tables of dependent objects (e.g. master data tables) are automatically taken into account.

  • “Thereof: Reporting ADSOs”:
    List of ADSO technical names which will be replicated from BW Bridge into DWC Space


Selection Screen - SAP Datasphere / BW bridge Sizing Report


Important to Know:

SAP BW bridge Sizing will only be displayed if option “Perform DWC Bridge Sizing” is selected. Total size of data to be loaded into BW Bridge is displayed, along with size of DWC tenant containing all data tables relevant for DWC Reporting.


KPI Result

The result KPIs provided by the sizing report with option “DWC Bridge Sizing” can be used as immediate input for the SAP Datasphere configuration tool SAP Datatasphere configuration tool.


We will also update our HANA-based Cloud Quick Sizer for SAP Datasphere.


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