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Many of us are tasked with approving various requests as part of our daily duties. Sales Managers for example are required to approve or deny leave requests, purchases for new hardware/software, sales quotes, contracts, campaigns etc. Many factors come into play that determine the frequency of approvals requiring managers attention and often multiple systems are leveraged to send the requests. The one workflow inbox suite quality offers a single solution via SAP Task Center for you to access all these approvals. SAP Task Center is free for use with supported SAP solutions however it does require SAP Build Work Zone as a prerequisite. This means depending on your agreement with SAP additional costs could be incurred.

In addition to a centralized place for approvals, SAP appreciates that often employees are on the go and therefore has seamlessly integrated SAP Task Center with the SAP Mobile Start App. This integration allows approvers to easily work on their approvals from anywhere with the benefit of mobile features such as notifications.

For customers looking to glean even more value from a centralized inbox for approvals, we recommend integrating SAP Task Center with SAP Build Process Automation. To truly become an intelligent sustainable enterprise, you need to automate and innovate wherever you can and no better place then with workflows. With SAP Build Process Automation, you can leverage the capabilities of SAP Workflow Management and SAP intelligent RPA in a no-code development environment to drive automation into your approval processes.

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