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Transforming into an intelligent, sustainable enterprise is not possible without implementing strong security policies to protect data and manage user identities. At a high-level, some security topics you need to consider include:

  • Seamless logon to various applications without multiple login pages

  • Managing authorizations so users only see what is relevant for them

  • User provisioning and de-provisioning

  • Password management and resetting policies

  • Integration with 3rd party systems

SAPs answer to all these points is simple, with SAP Cloud Identity Services you can standardize access to SAP applications at no additional cost to you. By using SAP Cloud Identity services, you can provide role-based access control with SSO, so users no longer need to manage all their logins.

By design, SAP believes you should have one test and one production tenant to manage your employees’ identities. Therefore, we provide you a production tenant and a test tenant (available via request) at no additional cost. We understand that some businesses operate differently and may require additional tenants as well as the option to support 3rd party applications, so we do offer both options at an additional cost.

How SAP Cloud Identity tenants are delivered to you depends on what you purchased from SAP. Some of our applications deliver you a tenant alongside your provisioning start date. For these situations your system administrator would receive an access email with the tenant URL and login credentials. Other applications provide the option for you to obtain a tenant in a self-service manner via SAP BTP. For more information, please see the tenant model and licensing help documentation.

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