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Moving data between various systems is simplified when the data maintains the same semantics. SAP looked at the end-to-end business processes and the data that needs to be passed and got to work on harmonizing the business objects, we refer to this as One Domain Model. You can explore these objects and their entities in the SAP Business Acceleration Hub. In addition to this alignment, we further explored how integration is achieved and recognized we need to move away from the point-to-point integrations to a more centralized mechanism with 1:Many integration and we do that via SAP Master Data Integration service.

As an example, if a new entry is entered into SAP S/4HANA, SAP Master Data Integration will take a copy of that data and replicate it to other relevant systems. Additionally, the same process happens when there is an update to data, for example someone’s last name changes. This service is provided to you as a default entitlement in your SAP BTP Global Account and free for usage with SAP-branded applications.

Thinking back to SAPs definition of an intelligent, sustainable enterprise being ‘one that consistently applies advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes’ brings me to the heart of this suite quality, SAP Integration Suite. All companies are faced with landscapes full of applications, data sources, devices and user groups that need to be integrated quickly and securely. SAP Integration suite is a fully enterprise-oriented suite in the cloud, managed and operated by SAP, allowing companies to integrate anything – SAP, 3rd party, cloud on-prem etc.

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Eager to get started but missing an SAP BTP Global Account? No problem, you can obtain one from the SAP Store free of charge via a PayGo license. SAP integration Suite is offered via free tier for 90 days so you can explore this entire Suite Quality E2E before committing.


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