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With this brand-new support package we are keeping the promise to deliver two feature packs a year! The table below shows the new things you will be experiencing once you have updated your version.

New Features in SP13

Feature Description
View Management Views store filter settings or control parameters such as the sort order, filter and group settings, column visibility, and the layout of a table. The view management is available for the

  • Operations > Systems

  • Operations > Hosts

  • Provisioning > Systems

  • Monitoring > Logs

  • Monitoring > Activities

screens and enables you to load, save, change, and maintain views.
Takeover with Handshake

The takeover with handshake ensures that all the sent redo log is written to disk on the secondary system before takeover can be performed.

During a planned takeover, it is important to ensure that no data gets lost (all primary updates must be available on the secondary system) and the former primary system is isolated to avoid a split-brain situation with multiple active primary systems. The takeover with handshake is ideal for a safe planned takeover while the primary is still running. All new writing transactions on the primary system are suspended and the takeover is only executed when all redo log is available on the secondary system. When performing a takeover with handshake, it is not needed to check the replication status or to stop the old primary before the takeover therefore reducing the downtime during takeover massively.

You can now execute a takeover with handshake by using the SAP HANA processes available.
Near Zero Downtime HA/DR Hook Configuration The downtime for assigning or removing replication status repository HA/DR hooks has been reduced.

  • Starting with SAP HANA 2.0 Support Package Stack 04, SAP Landscape Management reloads the HA/DR hook online without downtime.

  • For SAP HANA versions lower than 2.0 Support Package Stack 04, you have now the option to restart the SAP HANA nameserver. Restarting the nameserver is faster than stopping the whole system and with that reduces the downtime.

Start and Stop Public Cloud Instances The following new custom processes are now available:

  • Start System and Virtual Host

The process starts all instances of a system after activating the virtual hosts the instances have been assigned to before.

  • Stop System and Virtual Host Gracefully

The process gracefully shuts down all instances of a system and deactivates the virtual hosts the instances are assigned to.
Downtime Work Modes in Focused Run Systems You can now add or shorten a downtime work mode for an individual instance into an assigned Focused Run system. The following new operations are available:

  • Add Downtime Work Mode

  • Shorten Downtime Work Mode

When executing a start or stop operation on an instance with a Focused Run system assigned, SAP Landscape Management assigns or shortens the downtime work mode to or from the assigned Focused Run system.
REST Application Programming Interface New REST API methods are now available to retrieve and modify schedules. For more information, see the Developer Guide.

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