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Soon after SAP announced the arrival of the “simplified front office”, featuring solutions from SAP Hybris, many IT influencers, including Gartner and CRM guru Paul Greenberg, took notice. If you’re wondering what all of the fuss is about, SAPPHIRE NOW is the ideal opportunity to bring yourself up to speed. Here are five recommended sessions and demos you cannot miss.

Go Beyond CRM and Transform Your Business (Session ID # 37087)

Engage today's connected customers with innovative CRM software. Share our vision, strategy, and innovations that can help you digitally transform your business to better engage your customers. Learn how SAP Hybris solutions can help simplify and future-proof your front office.

Engage Customers Better Through Consistent Experiences – with Purchasing Power (Session ID # 37089)

Enhance the customer experience and improve opportunities for profitable business results by optimizing use of data. Hear how Purchasing Power is transforming itself into a data-driven business by employing various strategies to capture data, gain deep insights, and translate those insights into action.

Make Every Customer Feel Like Your Most Important Customer – with Mohawk Industries (Session ID # 33582)

See how Mohawk Industries successfully carried out its digital transformation and the powerful effect it had on customer engagement. Gain insights into the factors driving the company's digital transformation and learn thought-provoking approaches that you can apply in your business today.

Transform Sales with Agility and Win Digital Customers (Session ID # 33584)

Build, win, and grow your client base by relying on real-time customer insight, personalized interactions, and team collaboration. Hear how one company is achieving these goals by refocusing its strategy from customer relationship management to engagement, providing relevancy throughout each customer’s journey using SAP Hybris solutions.

Create New Revenue Models Effortlessly with Innovative Billing – with Adobe (Session ID # 33583)

Deliver an optimal customer experience by focusing on customers across product, business, finance, and IT teams, and launch offers that set you apart from the competition. Learn how Adobe is gaining a business advantage using subscription and usage-based business models available with SAP Hybris Billing for successful digital transformation.

BONUS! Must-See Demos:

Drive Customer Engagement with Great Commerce Experience

(Session ID # 33613)

Make customer engagement a strategic priority for companies in your industry. Learn how SAP Hybris solutions can help you deliver relevant customer experiences across all touch points, enhancing customer engagement and driving growth.

Manage the Customer Journey Better with Cloud Innovations

(Session ID # 33619)

Discover cloud solutions that can help you manage the customer journey across moments of truth. Experience the latest SAP Hybris solutions, including SAP Hybris as a Service, SAP Hybris Customer Experience, SAP Hybris Merchandising, SAP Hybris Profile, and SAP Hybris Marketing.

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