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During the last months, I had the opportunity to discuss with many business process experts from various industries and companies. In addition to getting many insights into their use cases and how they are running or planning to roll out citizen development in their organization, a topic appeared prominent: the need to clearly understand what the bottlenecks or flaws in processes are, and to precisely evaluate the positive impact of fixing these issues, if possible with automation.

Last week, I took part in Intelligent Automation Summit 2022, in Berlin. This event, set up together with BPM 4.0 Summit, gathered more than 200 experts in process mining and process automation for 2 days.

Together with Gero Decker, founder of Signavio, we chose to present SAP’s end-to-end offering from process mining to process automation.

Monitor your business processes and in-deep understand how they are run

You can’t act on what you do not measure. So, to fully understand how business processes are operated in the field, and what really are their failures or bottlenecks, SAP provides the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite.

In a few words, it is a single destination. It integrates all the capabilities you may need for collaboration around business processes, with modelling of processes and journeys, analysis and mining, and also governance and automated execution.

With SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite organizations do not only understand their existing business processes, but also proactively manage and optimize those processes to achieve the agility needed to succeed and thrive.

News from SAP TechEd: a seamless end-to-end offering from Insights to Automation

SAP is aiming to provide its customers with the most comprehensive set of capabilities they might expect to improve their business transformation and to go further in their process automation endeavors.

In order to accelerate a business transformation from insights to action we have made significant improvements in our end-to-end offering which have been recently announced at SAP TechEd:

  1. 135 tailored process improvement recommendations from SAP Signavio Process Insights can directly be leveraged in SAP Build Process Automation.
    It is now easy to navigate and review the recommendations provided, and then to acquire and deploy the recommended content from the automation store, for different LoBs:

  • Finance: Direct Supplier Down Payment Request, Manage Asset Creation, General Ledger Master Record Creation, Journal Entry Posting

  • Sales: Automatic Creation of Sales Order Requests from Unstructured Data, Automatic Creation of Returns from Excel, Manage Sales Quotations

  • Procurement: Manage Purchase Order Creation and Approval, Manage Invoices without Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Inspection Supplier Negotiation

  • Asset management: Manage Asset Creation Requests, Fixed Asset Write Off Approval, Manage Asset Retirement

  1. Available as a beta feature, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence can now trigger automated actions through APIs to perform process automations with workflows and bots.
    Let me give you a few examples of such actions:

  • Insights into process bottlenecks caused by missing data in documents (as e.g., missing Cost Center) trigger an automated resolution

  • Trigger the exceptional approval of business document mismatch (e.g., Invoice without Purchase Order, caused by maverick purchasing)

  • Trigger a Cross-LoB process automation for data harmonization (g., a Business Partner mismatch) to resolve a bottleneck by unaligned business data

  • Trigger automatic confirmation of purchase orders. Insights into process bottlenecks created by a large number of suppliers who use email responses to confirm specified quantities of products at specified prices within specified times. When this email response is received by the buying company, there is still the manual task to record the confirmation manually in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system.

You can watch here a quick demo of how SAP Signavio and SAP Build Process Automation are working closely together to improve the Leads to Cash process for an ECC or S/4HANA ERP. In 3 minutes, discover how SAP Signavio Process Intelligence detects credit blocks on sales orders, due to credit limit exceeding, and triggers a “Sales Order Unblock” predefined action in SAP Build Process Automation:

In addition, SAP Build Process Automation complements SAP Signavio Process Governance, managing approvals of process model changes in SAP Signavio Process Manager.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation

This is the continuation of a long journey: on April 1st 1972, SAP founders created their company because they figured out that businesses would be better run with the help of computers and software than with pen and paper. Their business idea was to create standard enterprise software that integrated all business processes and enabled data processing in real time.

50 years later, we are still working on accelerating digital transformation and moving process excellence to a next level. For that, we are now offering our customers the most comprehensive set of tools to get actionable insights on their business processes and to rapidly automate what needs to be improved.

Feel free to take advantage of SAP Signavio 30-day Trial and SAP BTP Free Tier, and get started now!