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Hello my name is Dr. Andreas Gerber, I am the Chief Product Owner of SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation. I am pleased by your interest in our RPA product. We are close to a great new version: SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 will change the way you build bots. You find already a series of blog posts giving you beautiful insights what you will get very soon in November.

Now, I want to provide you a look behind the scenes and show you on which hot technology our development team is currently working, to be released very soon.

It is true we hear often “your product is not usable, too hard to learn”.

But, we have customers knowing our product is made for developers and they love it.

At one of our customers there is John – a business user knowing his processes super well, but for sure is not a software developer, got asked by his manager to also build bots and become more productive.

John looks at the code examples of his colleagues and gets real headaches as he has no idea about programming languages.

Counting the time to get trained, building the bot would take him several months. But his manager gives him only 4 weeks. John is thinking to hire additional RPA consultants burning his budget. But does this scale?

What he did not know was, SAP is close to release a new LCNC Cloud Studio, very soon including also a simple Process Recorder.

John is now able to record all snippets of his larger process and store them in the cloud.

One of his bot developer colleagues saw these snippets and they talked about the process John wanted to automate. Together, they implemented the control flow in only one day without understanding the nasty tools to be automated

Finally, the task was finished in just one week.

This shows the real power of working in a team, letting everyone focus on his expertise and not waste time on things they have no a clue about.

Get inspired by the sneak peek video and image how this native integration to SAP’s UI technologies could sense and record backend API calls, reaching a flexibility of recording and reliability, a performance of APIs like no-one else can do such as SAP itself.

This low-code / no-code approach is a game-changer and will change the way bots will be developed.

Interested? Get in contact with us via or at


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