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At TechEd 2023, we previewed the generative AI hub in SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad and the excitement went through the roof. 🚀



Generative AI Hub Announcement at TechEd 2023


I am now thrilled to announce that the generative AI hub is released to customers.


We worked quite hard and successfully integrated generative AI capabilities into our SaaS solution offerings (i.e. SAP SuccessFactors) with the generative AI hub as its foundation. More and more embedded generative AI capabilities will be shipped across 2024, all leveraging the functionality of the generative AI hub. We now can also offer the same generative AI hub to developers and enable them to create generative AI extensions on SAP BTP for their SAP solutions like SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, etc.

The generative AI hub gives you instant access to a broad range of large language models (LLMs) from different providers, such as GPT-4 by Azure OpenAI or OpenSource Falcon-40b. With this access, you’ll be able to orchestrate multiple models, whether programmatically via SAP AI Core or via the playground within SAP AI Launchpad.

We truly believe that by providing a safe and secure playground to each employee will result in an enormous boost in productivity, creativity and efficiency to ultimately improve people's lives. This is our own learning within SAP and now we are making it also available to customers for their employees.


Generative AI Hub Playground Demo

The generative AI hub provides tooling for prompt engineering, experimentation, and other capabilities to accelerate the development of BTP applications infused with generative AI, in a secure and trusted way. AI development teams can submit a prompt to multiple LLMs, compare the generated outcomes to identify the best-suited model for the task, and gain greater control and transparency with the built-in prompt history.


The generative AI hub is now generally available via SAP AI Core for productive use.

A dedicated trial environment is planned in the upcoming weeks.

In addition, all task-specific AI capabilities in SAP AI Core & SAP AI Launchpad are getting further enhancements and plan to take advantage of the generative AI hub. 


The generative AI hub is available as consumption-based pricing within CPEA. Customers with existing cloud credits can directly consume LLMs upon entitling SAP AI Core in their BTP subaccount, without the need to manage different commercial frameworks from various LLM providers.

For our partners, we are working on a Test, Demonstration and Development (TDD) license and targeting late Q1 ’24.


TDD license is now available for our partners!

SAP's Generative AI Architecture

For a more deep dive how we shape our Generative AI Architecture, please refer to this blogpost.

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